The workouts at CrossFit Fredericton always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. The details are customized by a coach based on your personal schedule and fitness level. Monday's conditioning work includes front squats / squat jumps and ring dips. Enjoy!
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How do you make God laugh? You plan.
That's very fatalistic of you Marcus.
If you believe in fate then yes. However, if you believe we are masters of our own fate, then god's laughter or existence is irrelevant. It all depends on belief and no matter how much you believe in something, it doesn't make it true.

I'm really big on make choices these days that aren't dependant on an ethos.
Anybody up for some hockey in February?
Six days in a row where I improve every game and BPI doesn't budge. FU LUMOSITY.
Maybe lumosity is trolling you?

Squats to 5R@250

7 min AMRAP
7 Front Squats (115)
14 situps (modified due to shoulder)

5 rounds + 14

Awesome PR Kevin - two plates is a fun milestone.

Pistols to 5R

Squat Mobility - 2 min Plank

7 Squat Jump
7 Push Ups

5 rounds 7

Felt Great! Go Habs! :)
when did you start crossfit Ben?
wu x 2

squats to 95 x 5 (small reset)

WOD AMRAP in 7 minutes of
7 front squats (55)
7 pushups

5 rounds plus 5. Great squat PR, Sharon R!
Warm Up & Stretch
Squats to 225 (PR)
AMRAP in 7mins of:
7 Front Squats (80)
7 Pushups
Result: 7 Rounds

Awesome morning at the gym! Go Pens Go!
225!! Awesome!
UPS says "out for delivery" ... which means nothing, but, decent possibility that I'll be doing my squat (230kg / 505 pounds) in my new Mikko Salo "SISU" tshirt from Rogue today. :)
DELIVERED! I have 2 extra sets of wrist wraps ($20) and 4 extra ropes ($30 uncut). FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!
Squats to 135
Only got 4 up. Was a good way up on the 5th rep but mentally I gave up.
AMRAP in 7 min of:
7 front squats (65#)
7 push ups


Did a big workout on my chest and triceps last night so the pushups this morning were extra hard.
Good work everyone!
What's the difference between straps and wraps? When would you use one over the other?
Wraps provide wrist support. Straps provide grip support. Wraps can be used on anything like squat, bench, press, snatch, etc. Unless you're doing high volume snatch, clean, or deadlifts (ie Sheiko) there's no need for straps.
Can I claim a pair of the wraps then? You can put it on my account.
Sorry Tricia, cash only for these.
Squats (x5, on 12" box) to 130 lbs.
Got 'em! PR for reps, despite tons of skiing in Charlo over 3 days. Yay! Nice working with you, Eric.

AMRAP in 7mins of:
7 Front Squats (65lbs)
7 Pushups (up from knees, down from toes)

5 Rounds


Daily Squats 95x1, 125x1, 145x1, 165x1, 185x 1
They felt great, compared to last week.

Front squats up to 100 x 5

WOD: Amrap 7 mins:

7 front squats (90)
7 pushups

5 rounds + 6. I had in mind at least 7 rounds before starting, however the front squats got the best out of me.

Great work nooners!!
WU x 1 plus some extra stretching

Daily Squats to 225# x 1

Squats to 215# x 5

AMRAP in 7 mins:
7 front squats (105# from rack)
7 pushups

8 rounds plus 3
Warm Up x1.5
Squats to 145x5 (re-building after a reset... almost back to my PR of 155)

AMRAP in 7mins of:
7 Front Squats (45)
7 Pushups
Result: 8+1 Rounds
Thanks for a great push Drew!! I was aiming for 6 rounds but you motivated me this much more!

And I agree with Kevin B: Go Pens Go! :)
(good job on the PR by the way Kevin!)
Warm up
Daily Squats 95x1, 115x1, 130x1 and 140x1
More warm up

Squats to 125x5

AMRAP in 7mins of:
7 front squats (50)
7 push ups

Did 5 rounds (did first rounds with regular push ups then did the rest on my knees)

Great work nooners!!!
Have a great day!!!
Squats 325 (x5)

WOD (as Rx'd)

8 + 3

gassed after this one, second WOD in five days, someone slow me down!
CFWU x 2

Squats to 115 x 5
Off the box!! Yes!

AMRAP 7 min:
7 front squats (60#)
7 pushups

6 + 3

Ouff... was tough and awesome. Good work everyone!
BW166. Squat 505x1 (PR), 475x3 (PR). Bike & massage this afternoon.
Warm up x 2, 60 pistols (3x45 + 1x10), 2x1.5 min plank, 7 AMRAP (in 7 min) 5 x sand bags 4+1 push up, Strech
Warm up- Snatch 118x1, 120xfxfxf, 98x2x2
Cleans, 173x1x2, 155x2x2
Squats 210x1
I had a huge skate ski yesterday, 19km..get out if ya can! I'm really happy with todays training.. even with a few fails :)
Snatch 121x1. No shoulder stability. Power Snatch 121x1. Still no shoulder stability. 96x2x5. Cleans 136x1x5. Accessory work and lots of stretching, foam rolling, and lacrosse balling.

Squat 230x1. 40 minutes on bike.

Gonna take it fairly easy this week...kind of a deload week. :)
Wednesday- train hard (feels tough!)
Thursday- train harder (feels good!)
Friday- train (feels awesome!)
Sat/ Sun- sit on one's ass and watch NFL playoffs, with Ben and Jerry. Heard of them?
Monday- train hard (feels crap.) Mmm?
Funny how that happens eh, Adam?? ;)
Adam I figure you just need to switch to Paleo-Daz ;)
I want a rope! I hope there is one left when I get there at 6!
Awaken at 3am by 5 year old as he fell out of 3:30am he was unable to find his pillow pet so we tracked him down 4am I was wide awake and decided it was coffee time.
4:30am - 5:30am Stretch

6am Crossfit
Warm Up & Stretch

Squats to 215 x 5

AMRAP in 7mins of:
7 Front Squats (85)
7 Ring Dips

5 Rounds ...
Squats to 310x5

Holy crap, can you say meat sweats?

7 min AMRAP
7 Front Squats (115lbs)
7 Ring Dips

Walking tomorrow is going to be very interesting. Hopefully the walk to brookside will loosen things up.
Warm-up x 1

Squats to 95:

AMRAP in 7 minutes of: 7 front squats and 7 push-ups.

6 + 4. Left knee decide to behave like a moody teenage girl during this WOD. THANK YOU to Le Mike for the encouragement and Tony for the reminders about chest to the
ground and firm knees.
First day back after 9 months or so of no regular Xfit workouts.

CFWU x 1

Squats x 5 to 145
(felt super heavy at 135...but then 145 felt good...go figure)

AMRAP 7 mins

7 front squats @ 65lbs
7 push ups (from knees)

7 rounds + 2 front squatsa.

Legs are already sore. This does not bode well for the rest of the week...and makes me VERY scared that this week also marks the return to derby practice as well. OY!

AMRAP in 7 minutes of
7 front squats 115#
7 ring dips
Total: 5+11
First regular workout in 9 months and you squat to 145? Sweetie you are going to DESTROY those other girls at derby.
Squats to 105# x 5
AMRAP in 7 mins. of:
7 fronts squats (55#)
7 pushups
Score: 6+3
Cfwu with lots of burpees.
squats to 210 x 5
wod Amrap in 7
7 front squats 95lbs
7 ring dip negatives
5 rounds.
The gym improved me mood a ton tonight! So thankful for that lol. Great job today guys! Jodi you made my day xo
Squats to 130 x 5 (85% of PM 155)

AMRAP in 7 mins of:
7 front squats (80#)
7 ring dips
4 rounds + 12

Great work 5 pmers! Busy class after the holidays

Nice PRs Tony and KevinB
good mornings to 100x5 WOD amrap in 7 of 7 front squats 75lbs and 10 double unders 8 rds+7. Welcome back Natalie! And so nice to chat with you Nadine!

Squat 5RM @ 85% of 360
170, 200, 230, 265, 285, 305

AMRAP in 7 mins of:
7 front squats (115#)
7 ring dips
Score: 9 rounds -1

Nice work 5s!

You are very welcome for the encouragement Becky. I know it makes a difference ;)
Awesome to have you back, Nadine!