The workouts at CrossFit Fredericton always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. The details are customized by a coach based on your personal schedule and fitness level. Wednesday's conditioning work includes double unders, burpees, and barbell cleans / wall ball. Have fun!
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What a cutie !
"Appreciate the incredible opportunity you have to become fit. You have to prepare your meals, but many have no meals to prepare. It's hard to train before or after work, but many are out of work. Lifting weights takes effort, but some can't even lift their body from a wheelchair or bed. This is a privilege, so make the absolute most you can out of it."
6am (Small class this morning)

Warm up / Stretch

Over Head Press to 130 x 5 matched PR will try moving up next week.

WOD 4 Rounds of
20 Double Unders (Subbed 60 Singles)
10 Burpees
5 Cleans (85lbs)


Thanks for the new rope guys! I'll be up late practicing doubles tonight... ;)
4 PRs on lumosity. BPI finally jumped and now ranked at 99.9th percentile. Happy Wednesday!
Adorable picture!
I am the first on the waitlist for noon and I coming to beg my way in. :)
Warm-up x 2

Deadlifts to 160x5 (rebuilding after being reset after the Holidays)

Thanks for the class Jane! I'm having one of those days where smiling faces mean a lot! :)

Didn't do the WOD today as I am planning on coming in a total of 5-6 times this week. Figured Deadlift day was a good day for a WOD break..


Daily squats 95x1, 130x1, 150x1, 170x1, 190x1

Snatches up to 55 x 3

Hang cleans up to 90x2xFxF
(I need to work on my technique, everything felt really off today)
Daily squat 315 (x1)
Bench (335 (x5)
Cleans 255 (x1)

No PR's today, sorry Elvira, Jane, Tasha and AL
Sorry that should read bench 235...335 x5 would be a PR :)
One year today since I started my assessment week at Crossfit. Coudn't be happier and best decisions I ever made. Thanks to the coaches and everyone at Crossfit for not letting me quit, give up or stop, for getting down on the floor with me and for pushing me further then I ever thought I could go :) All right that's my little speech for the day. Now down to business hehehe

Warm up
Daily Squats 95x1, 115x1, 130x1 and 140x1.
Sumo deadlift to 155x5. Felt a little heavy but still great.

WOD was 4 rounds of:
20 DU (60 singles)
10 burpees
5 cleans (60)

Did 2 rounds + 73 in 10 mins.

Great work nooners!!!
Have a great day!!!
Deadlifts (x5) to 150 lbs.
Reset, back to conventional again.

WOD - 4 rounds of:
60 SUs
10 burpees
5 cleans (60 lbs)


Tough but good! Nice vibe in the gym at noon. Love when it's busy! :-)

Congrats on your one year anniversary Liette. Way to go on your WOD, Tamara!
Awesome to be back after a long Holiday break.
Squats to 125—Felt good.
WOD 4 rounds of:
60 singles
10 burpees
5 squats with jump with 14# ball—stupid arm pain struck again
Time: 6:32

Nice to meet you, Tamara! I hope you feel better, Mary.
Great work, everyone. So nice to sweat with everyone again!
Nice to see you, too, Anthony, Jodi, Jane, (and Tasha) even if you didn’t sweat.
Awesome post, Liette!
Thanks Tony!
Wp x 2, 6 x 30 sec squat, 2 x 1 min plank, 50 tempo ring rows, 4 rounds of- 60 skipping singles, 10 burpies, and 10 wall balls in 9:27 (Thank you to much Elvira could not have finished without you!)
Yay, Liette! Congrats on a year of CFF and thanks for always bringing a smile and a great attitude! I am so glad you are part of our awesome noon class! :)
Thanks Elvira :)
Ugh. Flu. Shivery and achy. Missed today, cancelling now for 6 a.m. tomorrow. I HATE missing workouts but I wouldn't wish this on anyone, especially you guys. Will hope for Friday or Saturday. Work hard! (and have fun)
It's my little bro Griffin Stephens-Clark
Sharon, a few people have been hit hard! Hope you feel better soon!
Thanks Anthony!
Warm up- Snatch up to 120xfxfxf, 101x2x2 Clean and Jerk up to 151x1x1 Bike- 45 minute ride and hip flexors not day tmr! well maybe squat :)
Deadlift PR to 205# x 2
4 Rounds of:
60 Single unders
10 Burpees
5 cleans (50#)
Time: 9:00
Deadlift to 265. This is a Crossfit pr for weight

4 rds of suck!
Warmup. Power Snatch 116x1 + 96x1x6. Power Clean 136x1x3 + 141x1x3. Strict Chinups BW+17.5x5x2. Stretch/Foam Roll/Lacrosse Ball.

Front Squat 155x1.
25 minutes on the bike including:
4 Seated Sprints:
4 Standing Sprints

Still keeping everything light. Bike sprints were better than last week. :)

4 rounds of
20 double unders
10 burpees
5 cleans
time: 12:13

Daily Squats
1 x 135, 225, 275, 315

Bench Press 5RM
135, 155, 180, 205, 220, 235 x 4

4 rounds of
20 double unders
10 burpees
5 cleans 155#
Time: 5:15

Nice work 7s!
Yeah Liette Savoy!!!! A year!!! Congrats pretty girl!!
Thanks Nadege Cormier :)
Deadliftx5 to 220/WOD 4rounds of 20 double unders,10 reverse Burpees, 5 front squats 85lbs. 5:42. congrats on all your progress this year Liette!

Deadlift to 185 x 5 (85% of PM 215)

4 rounds of:
20 double unders
10 burpees
5 cleans (80#)

Cleans were awful! Lack of sleep and 12 hour work days = suck

Great work 7 pmers!
Congratulations on 1 year Liette! You are doing awesome! I love your enthusiasm and motivation :)
One near death experience on the walk to the gym as I almost got taken out by snow and ice coming off a roof downtown.

Scaled daily squats up to 315.
Clean and Jerk reset to 155