The workouts at CrossFit Fredericton always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. The details are customized by a coach based on your schedule and fitness level. Wednesday's conditioning work includes muscleups and double unders. :)
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MU's and DU's? Quick I need a way to drop 10lbs tonight!
Looking strong girl!!
Thanks Sarah :)
Warm up /Stretch

Deadlift to 270 x 5 (PR)

7 Rounds of
2 Muscleups
20 DoubleUnders (60 Singles)

10 Rounds
Time : 9:38

+ 5 Muscleup cool down ...

Clean practice

7 rounds :
2 chin ups (for 2 rounds) then 2 ring rows
2 push-ups
20 double unders


Followed by a 5km slow run. New plan is to run right after CrossFit in the AM 3-4 x week. Hopefully time for some hot tubbing with Jesse after ;)
Baseline fitness testing for Frisbee tonight (including a shuttle run, duh-duh-DUUUUH!) means no CF today. Back at er' tomorrow!


foam rolling and stretching

Snatch and Clean drills with Jodi.

Thanks Jodi for being so patient with me, I will graduate from these some day hihi.
Warm up
Daily squats 95x1, 115x1, 130x1 and 140x1

Sumo deadlift to 160x0. Back was rounding again.

7 rounds of:
4 chin ups and 4 push ups
20 DU (60 singles)

Time was 8:16.

Great work nooners!!!!
Have a great day!!!
Deads (280)with Erik the Viking (270) and Omar the Terrible (260). 810lbs (between 3 of us) of pure primal lifting. South of the Equator, we call this dog-f*ck. Nice effort guys! No WoD for the Krimpie today!
12th workout day this month to stay on track with my plan to go to the gym every weekday in the month of Jan! Success so far!

Warmup x 1 + foam roller stuff. I'm going to get a foam roller for myself after work.... I need this torture device at home because I simply don't have enough time while working out at lunch.

Deadlift 165x5 almost back to my pre-reset weight

No WOD... Sore hip flexors combined with meeting at 1pm and the fact that its deadlift day was enough to make this a strength only day :)
Hot Tub. Stretch. Warm Up. Front Squat 170x1. Squat 225x1. Chinups BW+20x5. Stretch and Foam Roll.

25 minutes on bike including the following sprints:
4 Seated:
48.1km/h (PR for seated)
48.4km/h (PR for seated)

4 Standing:
51.5km/h (PR for standing)
51.6km/h (PR for standing)

Now off to see Julie. Maybe I'll walk and get some fresh air...we shall see. :)
11AM: squat 455x2, bike sprints: max 68.5kph / 1404W, avg 67.1kph / 1368W. Light day, but felt slow on the bike.
WP x 2, 40 tempo ring rows (feet out more now) :) , 1x 1min squat + 4 x 30 sec squat, 7 rounds of 4 ring rows- 4 push ups, 60 singles 7:41
What's with all this no WOD-ing? Slackers! :-)

What are you training for Nicole? I like the idea of a 5km run 3-4 times a week.

No CFF for me today due to an all day meeting (ugh). But I am getting out for a cross-country ski this evening. Isn't the snow lovely? :-) (Yes... I know Jason... ya don't like it. ;-) )
Amy just finished torturing my calves ... I feel very sorry for the 5pm session that I will be coaching. 3:)
I also feel sorry for the 5pm'ers..
Michel got stuck at the school waiting for a parent to come and pick up one of his basketball players. He still isn't home so unfortunately we won't make it for 6. Sorry :(
No problem Jill, thanks for the heads up!
Squat (x1) 135-225-275-315-335-350-355

WOD: 7:02

Started with MU's got through 4 rounds then had to switch, so I punished myself and did 15 rounds total.
Bench to 160. Only got 2 again.
Daily squat to 255lbs
7 rnds
4 chin-ups
4 push-ups
20 double unders
Great work today my fit friends!!!
That is awesome time Naomi!
Overhead press PR to 63# x 5
7 rounds of:
4 ring rows
4 pushups
60 single unders
Time: 7:01

Bench press to 97 x 5 - PR! Finally, after 5 weeks of trying. Felt good too. Nice lifting Miss Bird!

7 rounds of:
4 chinups, 4 pushups
20 double unders

Daily squats to 165 x 1 - PR!

Cleans practice

Congrats on your deadlift PR Mary!

Daily Squats
1 x 135, 225, 275, 325

Bench Press 5RM
135, 155, 180, 205, 220, 235 x 4 F

WOD as Rx'd
7 rounds of
2 Muscleups
20 DoubleUnders
Time: 4:11

Fun WOD!

Not sure what's going on with bench press the last couple weeks BUT felt better after I beat R2D2's time on the WOD ;)

Nice work 7s!