The workouts at CrossFit Fredericton always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. The details are customized by a coach based on your schedule and fitness level. Thursday's conditioning work includes double unders, burpees and power cleans / wall ball. :)
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Hahaha!!!! Very dark... But gets your point across ;)
Burpees and wallball? Think I may need a bucket on this one.
No strength.
Double unders
Power cleans 95lbs
Felt terrible. But I love the sick feeling afterwards. Great work 6amers
No strength today. Stretched and did some ab work

double unders
power cleans (65#)
At the 10 min cutoff I had 9 cleans left.

Great work everyone!

Cleans to 110 x 3 Still slowly learning ... ;)

No strength.
Double unders (Subbed Singles)
Power cleans 85lbs

Wasn't fully awake this morning... but I am now.. :) great work guys!
Deadlifts x 5 to 235
7 rds
4 ring rows
4 push-ups
60 single skips
Elbow a bit tender so laying off chin-ups for a bit and ankle a bit tender so no DU . Always nursing something!when will it end!haha
Nice prs McKinley girls!
Posted on wrong day...oops

Squat Therapy: 5x10x65#

375 DU's in 10 mins

Last attempt at 400 took me 14:23, so close to sub 10...

Followed my a awesome massage with Amy after finally deciding to get some help to work out the accumulated kinks, Hurt like hell but feel like a new man.

Great work crew, that workout looked nasty.
Warm Up & Stretch
Deadlifts to 250 (PR)
21-15-9 of:
Double Unders (subbed Single Unders x 3)
Power Cleans (95)
Result: 21 - 9 + 27 Single Unders + 5 Burpees (time capped at 10mins)

Killer WOD today!
Hot Tub. Stretch. Warm Up. Front Squat 175x1. Squat 225x1. Turkish Getup 1.75 pood (62 pounds) per side.

Massage with Amy and a little walk.
holy crap that one did me..burpees - yeesh - thanks Jane for backing me off on the cleans, would have dies at 95
Warm-up, substitue lunges for pistol practice (one of my goals for 2013: Achieve a full pistol.)

Press to 70:
70x5 - This is my original PR before shoulder takeout. Now onto new heights...

Today's WOD (Brought to you by the letters B, A, R and F): 21-15-9:
20 Double-unders
Power cleans

7:55. Thanks Jane for the encouragement and reminder not to be sloppy on the burpee jump. THIS WAS AN EXCELLENT, KILLER WOD. Thank you Crossfit staff for always pushing us to work hard and be better:)
11AM: bike sprints max 73.0kph (PR) / 1495W, avg 71.4kph / 1415W. Press 185x5 (matches PR?), Squat 455x1. Pretty awesome day. :)
If someone tied Anthony's bike up to a generator he could probably power your home with those sprint outputs of his.
Warm up 1000m row
Snatch-86x1, 96x1, 101x1, 106x1, 111x1, 116x1, 118x1x3.
Cleans- 115x1, 131x1, 141x1, 151x1, 161x1, 170x1, 175x1x3 pr for reps. tried 178xfxf, 155x2x2 clean and jerk, 161x1 clean and jerk, 165xf. Felt great today! Back tonight to squat.

I read a CF Journal article this morning and one thing that stuck out for me was "moving with conviction" while lifting... I held on to that today :)
We're going to start snow shoeing every Saturday from 11am to 12pm @ O'Dell Park. Everyone welcome!! Hope to see you there!
I won't be able to make it to 5 pm class, sorry too late to cancel
No problem Kim, thanks for the heads up!
Wow ... can't believe it's Thursday 5pm already! Where the hell did the week go!?!?
Not going to make it to the 6pm class. Sorry for the very late cancel!
What a crazy day! My mind is so grateful that I took the hour break at lunch to go to CrossFit! Normally on days this busy I would cancel but Ifind the busy days much better when I DO take the break to go to the gym.

So warm up x 1 and tons of stretching and foam rolling (thanks for the tips Anthony Bainbridge!)
Strength was Cleans to 75x3 ... They actually are starting to feel better! (Thanks for the help Jane Mckeown!)
20 double unders (subbed 60 singles)
Burpees (subbed push-ups because of the very sore hip flexors... Plus I love working on my "big girl push ups")
Power cleans (45)
Time: 8:09
My clean was actually 176x1x3
had to fix that ;) means a lot!
No problem Andrea!

Arrived late, no time for Daily Squat :(

Deadlift 5RM
185, 225, 255, 290, 325, 340

WOD as Rx'd:
20 D.U.
Power Clean 135#
Time: 6:33

This was gross!
Nice work 5s
Nice Cleans Jane! Congrats on the PR.
Killed it, LE Mike!
20 consecutive days on lumosity! Longest streak yet. :D
Clean and Jerk to 160x3

20 Double Unders
Power Cleans (135lbs)
8:19 Although I still want to take the time Heidi called out for me first. 3:58

And Le Mike is correct, this one sucked.
A bad day at the gym is still better than not getting there...

Daily squats 135-225-275-315

Deadlifts (x3) 390

I tried to lift 415, no energy, or no conviction, either way it didn't come up. Maybe a snatch PR tomorrow?
Guess I am a gonna die!
Kendra, we all die at some point, but it's nice to be strong until then. ;)
Played with the sled
20 sit-ups
Wall balls/14lbs
warmed up
Push Press to 80x3
Did part of the WOD
60 SUs, 21 burpees, 21 Wall Ball 10 lbs
60 SUs 15 burpees 15 Wall Ball 10 lbs
Slowly, but surely, getting back into it!
Great work 6s!
Deadlifts to 195 (3R @ 90% PM 215)
Good job on the cleans Paul!

21-15-9 reps of:
20 double unders
Power cleans (70#)
Glad I scaled it down, this really sucked, lack of sleep again :(

Great work 6ers!

Congrats on your lifts today Jane!
Big Ron