The workouts at CrossFit Fredericton always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. The details are customized by a coach based on your schedule and fitness level. Saturday's conditioning work includes deadlifts, sandbag squats, and double unders.
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Looking good Peter !!
Please don't hang yourself, the year of the snake coming is good for Rays like you.
Great concentration, Peter!
Are you left handed? Noticed the tighter grip on that chin up bar with your left hand.
Remind me not to mess with you!
Beau bonnehomme!!
Ouu Ouu! Looking food Peter!
Looking good Peter!
Good luck to those competiting tomorrow! Have a great time!
Great picture, Peter!
Next I want to see a pic of you doing a muscle up!
...99, 100, 101............
Peter you rock man!
Awesome Peter! :D
Overhead press PR 65# x 5
5 rounds of:
5 sumo deadlifts (125#)
90 single unders
Time: 6:54
Coaching in the morning, almost got to see a ginger cat fight, snowshoeing with Sophie and Paul, Rugby Squat Club, and then I get the place to myself all weekend. Freedom! :D
I clearly should of stuck around instead of going for a run!

Fight hard competitors!
Everyone is kicking butt at the blizzard!! Super proud!!!! :)
Nice morning! Got up for open gym, warm-up x2. Then I reset my squats and got rid of the box!!!! I was at 155lbs with the box but with my back still iffy it seemed like a good reset time. So I did 115x5 .... Did I mention there was NO BOX!! Lol

Then I relaxed in the hot tub ... The gym was being locked so I brought everything... Except I forgot my shoes in there! Thanks for saving me with your spare sneakers Nicole LeBlanc! It's a bit cold out to be shoesless hahaha
Warm up
Bench Press to 145 x 5 (PR) was easy.

12 min of Double Under practice
Managed to get 110 wasn't pretty. ;). Will keep practicing...
Just think what he'd do if he got angry !