The workouts at CrossFit Fredericton always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. The details are customized by a coach based on your schedule and fitness level. Thursday's conditioning work includes snatch, wall ball, and double unders.
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Great quote. A coach T original?
Holy demon eyes
Sandy, not sure where that one came from, but not mine.
wu x 2

daily squats 65, 75, 85, 95

power clean to 60 x 3

WOD 2 rounds of
15 snatch (20, on box)
150 single unders

6:29. Thanks for a great morning Jane and all!
Warm up
Cleans to 120 x 5 (PR) thanks Jane for all the help ... I'll make you proud someday... lol. ;)

2 rounds of
15 Snatch (70)
150 Singles

8:16 ... didn't really rush with the Snatches as I want to rid myself of the dreaded donkey kick...

Great work this morning crew .... next time I might try the wall ball as it's been a while and I need a lot of practice in that movement.

Deadlifts to 275 - everything still feels light and pieces holding together.

2 rounds of:
25 wall balls
50 DU's

4:04 - pushed way beyond my comfort zone, getting my wind back now ;-) Thanks for the pressure guys, needed to push the boundaries.
Warm up
Deadlifts to 260 x 5 (PR)
2 Rounds of:
15 Snatch (65)
50 Double Unders (sub 150 single unders)
Result: 8:30

I was supposed to run 8k last night...could only do 3.3k. I just couldn't continue...did not fuel myself well at all! Very frustrating. Great morning at the gym though!
10AM: squat 475x1. 11AM: press 195x3 (PR?), 205x1 (match PR), 215x1 (PR). Not bad considering I didn't feel like lifting today. :)
Id love to be lifting today. Any chance of a CrossFit Fredericton North Tony. I also love how my phone always auto corrects your name to Tiny.


Daily Squats 95x1, 135x1, 155x1, 175x1

Deadlifts (Deload) up to 135 x 5

WOD: 2 rounds:

15 snatches (55)

Warm up
Daily squats to 145x1

Hang Power Cleans to 90x3.

2 rounds of:
15 snatch (55)
150 singles

Did 1 rounds + 2.

Great work nooners!!!
Have a great day and weekend!!!
Cleans up to 100, Jane says they are coming along, I still don't see it.

Ok, I was excited to this WOD, I did "Stone Grace" with the small stone(95#) finished in 16:06. One word about this WOD "amazing" . I am going to be sore tom.

I forgot that I hit a milestone yesterday with my DL since I remember hurting my back on the 250, and yesterday was 255# easy :)
Had an event pop up tonight and since yesterday was my rest day I needed to get in today. I rushed into the noon class (a first!) and managed to make it relatively on time!!

WU x 1 (barely!)
Deadlifts to 180
WOD: 2 Rounds of 15 snatch (45) and 150 skips.
1+75 at time cap of 9min :S

Thanks for the advice Jodi, made it harder but I felt the difference. Sorry about your lunch!!!!!!!

And thanks for the sweaty pic Janer, appreciated :P
Hot Tub/Stretch. Warm Up. Snatch 130x1x3 + 110x2x2. Cleans 162x1x2 + 142x2x2. TGU 1.75 pood (62 pounds) per side.

Front Squat 161x2.
Not much energy today so just snatch practice:

95 x 3
115 x 3
135 x 2
155 x 2
175 x 2
185 x 2
190 x 1
195 x 1
200 x 1

Several misses in there but I just wasn't putting it all together today.
WU x 1 + yoga

Squat Therapy to 95# x 5

2 Rounds of
25 wallball (14#)
50 DU
Warm up-
Snatch 116x1x3, 96x2x2
Clean and Jerk 133x1x3, 113x2x2
Front squats 135x2, 155x2, 175x2, 185x2
Scheffler, northside is doing 100 burpees tonight. Enjoy!
You miss the part where I said lifting not burping. Although I bet I could get paid leave of some sort if I cranked out 100 burpees at work.
Daily squat to 145
15 overhead squats
50'double unders
Sumo DL to 275x5 (5# below PR) Heavy, but I got them. Thanks for the encouragement nooners - I'm staring down setting a new PR in a couple of weeks.
WOD 2 rounds of 15 snatches (45#), 50 double unders (sub 150 SUs)
First weight I've had overhead in 3 months (shoulder rehab) and it felt great, but I limited the reps at Coach Jane's advice (thanks for looking out for me Janer!)
1R+3 snatches and 2R of SUs in 10:06
Came back in at 5 pm for daily squats to 225x1 (ties PR)
Great day overall!
Deadlift to 155 X 5
(thanks for telling me to change my grip, Heidi - it was getting difficult to hang on that weight with my fingers:)
2 rounds
25 Jump Squats with 20# wall ball
50 DU's
time 5:33