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The same man once said "I want to eat his children." Kind of takes the luster out of his good quotes...
Regardless, I like this quote.
It works both literally and figuratively. :D
There are times when I would like to punch him in the face... does that count?
Only if you do it. Preferably while he's sleeping.
There are times when I'm not sure how you don't.
On a side note, is he eating a cupcake while snatching?
I'm too good looking to punch. Fact.
LOVE the quote! ...and that photo's not bad either...
A few of you have been asking about hoodies so I'm going to place on order on Feb 23rd (with the CrossFit Games Open t-shirts).

If you want a hoodie, please email me your size and the colour you want. Cost will approx. $75.

Men - Charged Cotton Storm Transit Full Zip Hoody (available in black, carbon heather, and bright blue).

Women - Charged Cotton Storm Slub Hoody - half zip - (available in black, white, grey, bright blue/green, bright pink).
For Glory we all pay a price by experience.
-Connie W.
I'm impressed he got the bar past his belly.
Looking strong RJ! Keep up the good work :D