The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Tuesday's conditioning work includes power snatch, turkish getups, double unders, and burpees.
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Way to go Kim!
That's a great quote! Nice reframe :)
You're awesome Kim!
Bench 145 x 5
Wod 3 rnds
6 power snatch 95lbs
24 double unders
12 burpees
Great work this morning people! Happy Tuesday.
wu x 2

daily squats 70, 80, 90, 100

Bench to 70 x 5. Was supposed to build to 74, but failed on rep 5 of set 5 at 70. So I repeated 70 for set 6 and got all 5. This week has been exhausting and it's only Tuesday. I blame winter. :) Will go to 72 next week.

WOD 3 rounds of
6 power snatch (35)
72 single unders
12 burpees

7:03. That was fun--even with the burpees! Great work everyone!
Warm up
SQUAT to 145 x 5 ... got 4 out of 5 ... Repeat next week,

Wod 3 rnds
6 power snatch 65lbs
24 double unders (72 Singles)
12 burpees

crap .. Squat to 245 .. ;) was a PR...
Love that quote. it fosters motivation
Do you mind taking me out of the 11am class. I'm running late at school
Soery about the no show, apparently I can't set my alarm without shutting it off. Stoopid alarm.
Warm up
Snatch 132x1x2(tmr! trying too hard bad focus)
Clean&jerk 160x1x3 pr for reps.
Squat 240x3 pr for reps.
Yoga later and short walk!
Have a good day :)
I will be a no show at 12, I have a cold and have decided not to share.
10AM: ring muscleups 3 sets of 10 consecutive reps (last set was 9+1... fucker), squat 495x1.
Adam just nailed his first muscleup and then cranked out a bunch more. Go Krimpie!
Warm-up x 1

Squats to 125

3 rounds of:
6 power snatch 40 lb
24 double-unders
12 air squats

4:45. Thanks Jane for the advice on stretching my lower back. Great work to the ladies who did the Turkish getups as part of their WOD this morning - you were the tough ones!

Night-time skate-ski coming up! Can't wait to howl at the moon :)


Daily squats 95x1, 145x1, 165x1, 185x1

Front squats up to 130x5

WOD: 3 rounds:
6 power snatch (55)
24 DU
12 burpees


Squats to 215# x 5

3 Rounds of
6 Power Snatch (95#)
24 DU
12 Burpees


Right quad was super cranky with me today! First 3 sets of squats felt like s***
Hot Tub/Stretch. Warm up (ish). Power Snatch 128x1x2. Front Squat 171x1x3 + 151x2.
Bench press to 90 x 1 (95% of PM 95 x 1 rep)
Nice benching with you Drew!
WOD: 3 rnds of
6 power snatch
24 DU
12 burpees
Only did DUs for the first round due to wardrobe malfunctions.
Squats x5 to 110lbs
Took it easy after being away for two weeks.

WOD: 3 rounds:
6 power snatch (55lbs)
72 SU
12 burpees


Sluggish after being away sick, but felt great to move. Thanks for the encouragement Jodi! Good to be back at it.
Warm up
Daily squats to 150x1.
Squats to 145x5. Yay got all 5 this time :)

3 rounds of:
6 power snatch (55)
72 singles
12 burpees
Time was 11:35. Thanks everyone for the cheering and counting down of my reps :)

Great work nooners!!!
Have a great day!!!
Bench (x3) 255 (PR reps)

WOD: (as Rx'd)


Nice work on the MU's Krimpie!
6am Class
Warm up
Squats to 185
3 Rounds of:
6 Power Snatch (75)
24 Double Unders (sub 72 Single Unders)
12 Burpees
Result: 7:23

My first day back since Feb 7. I had the cold and flu...great to be back!
Light daily squats to 275x1
Press to 115x5
I blame the peanut gallery in the corner for this one.

6 Power Snatch (95lbs)
24 Double Unders
12 Burpees


I'm still having trouble focusing after being in the gym with R2D2s new lifting shoes. I think he should have to supply sun glasses for all members if he's going to continue to wear those.
6 Power Snatch (135lbs)
24 Double Unders
12 Burpees

Had a 5 lb full snatch PR for 2 today (140#)... pretty pleased!
Squats to 155 x 5 ( yay!) thanks you great ladies at Rack 2 ( Hilary, Ashley & Jenn) Impressive performances all!
WOD 3 Rounds
6 power snatch (25#)
24 DU's
12 burpees
time 7:22
All in all a very satisfying crossfire experience!
Bench x 5 to 100
3 rds
6 deadlifts/155 lbs
72 single skips
12 sprawls
Nice squats tonight Bernadette!160 next week!
Bench press 92 x 5

3 rounds of:
12 Kettlebell swings (1.25 pood)
24 Double Unders
12 Burpees

My cousin had a great time at Crossfit tonight, glad his first Crossfit visit was with the best! Thank you Jodi for you coaching!
Wow, 3 Kim's at the gym now. Welcome new Kim's!. I guess it's L'il Kim from now on :)
Kim, only 94 likes? Figured you'd hit 100+ ... tsk tsk.
102...... I was considering liking it myself to get closer :)
I think that's a new record!