The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Tuesday's conditioning work includes burpees and chinups.
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wu x 2

daily squats 65, 75, 85, 95

bench to 72 x 3, will repeat

WOD "G.I. Jane"
100 burpee chinups (jumping, on rings)

14:17. Last time was 14:08. Great work everyone! That was hard.

Press to 120 - Failed after a couple on last set.

GI Jane w. reverse burpees

70 in 16:00 - cut it short with a couple of nice blisters. Don't think I've done this many chinups in a WOD, at least not on that bar height.

Awesome push everyone !

Warm up
Bench Press to 135 (felt good)
"GI Jane"
100 Burpee Chinups
Result: 19:55

Last time I did this was April 27, 2012 and I did jumping ring rows(16:10). It was great doing the chinups this time. Awesome workout!
Humm. G.I. Jane? I may have to make today deadlift day.
Warm up

OH Press to 135 x 5 ... got all 5 (PR) for reps.
the last one I arched my back so will repeat next week.

GI Jane
100 Burpees/Chinups

I sure picked a good day to wear my crossfit shirt... Yes it does make you least my mind tells me so.. ;)
squats to 200 - all good, GI Jane - sheesh, 20:52. Actually better than I thought - mentally a bad day. Can't decide if i am going to be suckie about coming in 4 days at 6AM, or happy about 3 days. Physically I seem to be doing fine, but mentally I am getting negative. Don't know why. Being a baby!
Warm up
Daily squat to 290
Bench Press 180x5

GI Jane
14:02 I think?

Good work this morning everyone, that was fun.
Tony and RJ a new squat challenge for you.

905 raw, only a belt and a singlet.

There's an interview with him on
Jason, he racked before the judge's command ... failed lift ... doesn't count.
Warmup & Daily Squat to 235# x 1

Bench Press to 145# x 5 *PR

Front Squat to 175# x 5 *PR

Double PR day! ;) .. ok I'm still building on both but trying to see the positive :)
Tony, while your point regarding not counting in the competition is valid, the fact that he moved before the judge said to doesn't negate the fact of a 905 squat raw.

I'll let you and RJ rack it before I call it, just so it's fair. :)


Daily squats 135x1, 155x1, 175x1, 195x1

Split Jerk up to 105x3

WOD: "GI Jane"
100 burpees/chinups

Did 80 in 10 mins, had to get back to work.
Overhead press to 67# x 3
G.I. Jane
100 burpee jumping chinups
Time: 12:28
Warm up, stretching
Daily Squats to 150x1

Bench to 85x5. PR Yahoo!!!

"G.I. Jane"
100 burpees/jumping chin ups

Did 46 in 10 mins. Had to get back to work.

Great work nooners!!!
Have a great day!!!
Scheffler, apparently sarcasm doesn't work on old people ...
Hot Tub/Stretch. Warm Up. Power Snatch 134x1x3. Power Clean & Jerks 151x1. Front Squat 178x1.
Squats to 120lbs.
Great working with the awesome duo Jane & Al... nice work on your heavy squats.

WOD "G.I. Jane"
100 burpee chinups (jumping, on rings)


First time doing this WOD. What a mental battle! Nice work everyone, particularly Omar for his 1st time on the bar, and Tasha for continuing to grind out every last one.
Daily squats to 105
Press to 72: 45, 55, 60, 65, 69, 72. No fails today! Am I EVER glad Tasha stepped in with her very helpful tip before I started the last set. Thank you Tasha!

GI Jodi (I'm calling it Jodi because she modified the WOD for me to not aggravate my snarky shoulder):

100 Sprawl burpee box jumps (6 fat plates).

12 minutes and something. Very hard. Very pleased though. WOD met my need for a plyometrics-jumpy type workout AND made up for yesterday's single unders gong show.
Liette and Christina if I don't see you, BEHAVE IN CUBA!!! And have an excellent time!
Thanks Rebekah and you know that is not an option ;) lol
Deload week so Bench to 60x5
Awesome work on the PR Liette!
"Half GI Jane"
50 burpee chin-ups on the bar
Trying to learn to love the bar but alas I left with my first hand blood blister. Great work on this one Tasha!!! Oh and I love all your new gear :)
Squat 240 X 5.. Next week will be where I maxed out and tweaked my back a few months ago.... Here's hoping!

100 X burpee box jumps in 22:07..I couldn't not finish at the 20 Min cap.
quick warm-up

DU's 160 consecutive PR

Squats (x3) 190-230-265-300-335-355 (x1) only attempted one, legs were gassed
Bench Press 135# not bad first time, its been a while for me.

WOD: ok this one i dont know I keept fighting and fighting through it thinking I can finish in 20 mins but no my mind beat me. I did around 75, my hands are all ripped to nothing now but I feel I failed on it... my first time doing a wod on the bar... I want to try to do this again in 6 months, oh I almost forgot Jane seriously good job on the squats!
Easy week continues. 10AM: 1 hour on bike, chinup/pushup intervals.
Warm up
136x1x3 PR. 116x2x2.
170x1 PR. 140x2x2.
Squat 245x2

Foam roll + yoga
Nice effort with the workout today you guys:)
Warm up and stretch
Squats to 135x5 (first time doing big plates with no box.. My leg cramped up on my last set but got through it. I will pay attention to it this week...)
GI Jane
100 burpee/chin-ups
First time doing this WOD.. Did it in 11:15
Now foam roller tonight to get rid of the tight calve.
There's two reasons why this turned out to be a great workout....
1. My new Lorna Jane PR shorts
2. I had the best sleep ever in our brand new King Size bed!
Press to 74 PR! Thanks for the tips Heidi.
100 burpee chinups
Super impressed that I completed the WOD as this was my first time doing it and I wasn't sure what to expect. I felt a great sense of accomplishment after finishing this WOD! Thanks to everyone for cheering me on.
Bench x1 to 125 (body I think:)
G I Jane
100 burpee chin-ups
Impressive work tonight evening crew!
Bench press to 94 x 5
WOD: "GI Jane"
100 Burpee chin-ups(on rings)

Thanks for the push Drew, ;) a good kick is what I need

Great bench PR Heidi!
Job well done today everyone! Hard work for sure, you all rock!
Sleep well