The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Saturday's conditioning work includes snatch, box jump, and burpees.
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Go Marcus!
Nice one!!! :)
Fuck that. Even the sweaty ones need petting once and awhile. :)
Yay Marc!
Squat reset

AMRAP in 9 of:
2 Snatch 95#
6 burpees
Total: 7+1

PR for burpees! First time doing burpees on a Saturday!
8AM: Yoga

9AM: EMOM Power Snatch 96x12. EMOM Clean 136x12. Front Squat 178x1x3 + 158x2x2.

Nice light day. :)

Now off to meet the little Biggar puppies!! FUN!
daily front squat to 210lbs pr
deadlift to 285.lbs
things felt pretty good.
Nice pr Karen.
have a good trip wrights.

Push press to 145x3
80, 95, 110, 125, 135, 145

Worked on snatches, got to 165 for a PR, plus it was WAY better than that thing I did at the beatdown.

Cleans up to 220, didnt have much juice left after snatching.
Warm Up

Cleans to 130
AMRAP in 9mins of:
2 Snatch 65#
6 Burpees
Result: 9 rounds

After that I went in the hottub and the pool for a bit with my family. I'm now off for a 9k run.
Yoga - thanks Jane!

Cleans to 98 x 3 - early arm bend but still a PR :)

AMRAP in 9 mins of:
2 snatch (65#)
6 burpees
7 rounds + 7
a good one to try a 10# PR in a wod

Happy weekend everyone :D
I have my money on RJ to win the open 13.0 event. lol