The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional coach. Monday's conditioning work includes double unders, ring dips, and squats.
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Available at the gym (cash or account): jerky, paleokits, krunch, adult tshirts, and kid tshirts. :D
Warm up
Squats to 190 (kept it the same as last week)
AMRAP in 5mins of:
Double Unders - 35
3min rest
AMRAP in 5mins of:
5 Pull ups (sub pushups)
10 Squats
Result: 8 rounds
Still waiting on Julie Piercey and Filip Tosic to register/connect with our affiliate team!
wu x 2

squats to 90 x 5

AMRAP in 5 minutes of double unders
3 min rest
AMRAP in 5 minutes of
5 ring dips (subbed pushups)
10 squats

Did 41 double unders and 7 rounds plus 5 Good work all!
Squats to 250x5 (PR)

5 min AMRAP
double unders: 53 (defictive rope) ;)
5 min AMRAP
5 ring rows
10 squats

7 Rounds + 10
when are you getting the black Under Armour shirts in again?
Patrick, we did a black a few versions ago, but they sold out fast. A lot of times the color is dictated by stock at UA ... so it's hard to say for certain when we'll do another.

Squats to 250 5@85% PM295

AMRAP 5 min
Double unders
408 w/ 184 consecutive, 40ish rep PR

rest 3min

AMRAP 5 min
5 ring dips
10 squats
9 rounds

Good work this morning everyone
10AM: squat 500x1, chinup/ring dip intervals. And on a positive note, Jacob's hot tub troll is no longer speaking to me.
I'll send another.
Would expect nothing less.
How did you get the hot top troll to stop? You didn't bruise your knuckles did you?
Well ... *I'm* not bruised ...
Ahh you had Jodi explain it to them then.
WU x 1

Squats to 235# x 5

AMRAP in 5 minutes of DU's <-- 151

3 minutes rest

AMRAP in 5 minutes of
10 Squats

5 Rounds plus 10

Squats were HEAVY today. My legs were gassed after set #1 :(
Squats (x5) to 125 lbs
A pleaure working with the lads on rack 3. Great first barbell day Peter!

5 min AMRAP
double unders: 77

5 min AMRAP
5 push-ups (up from knees/down from toes)10 squats

7 rounds

I seemed to have a 7 theme going in my WODs today! Feeling good now - love that post WOD feeling. :-)
Hot Tub/Stretch. Snatch 136x1x3 (PR for reps). Clean & Jerks 151. Squat 245x1. Lots of foam rolling, lacrosse balling, sticking.

Snatches felt great today but nothing else did.
Jacob, if you send another troll, could you please send him to Anthony only? Thanks in advance! ;)
Squats (x3) 190-230-265-300-335-355(x1) time for a re-set

WOD part 1 = 340 Du's

part 2 = 10 + 13

Clearly I am going to have to sacrifice some strength gains if I am going to keep up with the WOD's.
I dont feel like blogging, but Tony wants us to do it.

Squats 235# 3 reps. Ugly.

WOD: didnt feeling like doing it, too upset about the no PR day.
21 DUs, and 8 rounds for the second rd.
Filip who? We have a Filip going to the gym?
Omar, your squats were not ugly. There is a difference between ugly and heavy. ;) 3 reps at 235 was not a PR? You've done that before??
Omar. We have good and bad days. This is what makes us human. At Crossfit your bad days are good days, because it's one step closer to getting stronger. It has to happen. Do you think Tony just got out of bed about 10 years ago and said..." There's a bar with 685lbs on it, I think I'll pick it up." About right Tony?

AMRAP in 5 of DU's
Total: 107

Rest 3 mins

AMRAP in 5 of
5 Ring Dips
10 squats
Total: 5+1

Build up to 125x3
As for me... rehab squats to 105. WoD: 181DU's on a shorter rope- much better! 6+5 for the rest. Ya- feeling bad. Good? Omar you know what I'm saying!
Squats to 220x5 PR. Nice lifting with you Olivier and Trevor (PS congrats on your PR too)
WOD AMRAP in 5 of double unders = 44 (ugh); rest 3 minutes; AMRAP in 5 of 5 pushups/10 squats = 8R +13
Double Unders are still the Root of All Evil... ;) A reminder of how much practice I've missed...
Omar don't let the F's discourage you too much - they are going to happen, no matter how well you do, because everyone hits a ceiling eventually. The trick is to learn from it and take another stab(s) at it until you beat it (repeat as necessary :) ). You're going to get that weight next week!
Warm up
Snatch 131x1x3, 116x2x2.
Clean and Jerk 168x1,172x1xfxf,152x2x2.
Front Squat 210x1 pr.

Stretch, foam roll, arm massage with Amy:) I felt really sore today training..
so the arm massage was amazing.
Off to eat and then coach tonight :)

CFWU x 1

Squats 5RM @ 85% of 370
175, 210, 245, 280, 300, 315 x 3 F

WOD part 1:
AMRAP 5 mins of D.U.
score: 401 (167 unbroken *PR*)

WOD part 2:
AMRAP 5 mins of:
5 ring dips
10 squats
Score: 15 rounds + 10

Pretty disappointed I failed that 4th rep on squats. 315 is usually a very easy weight for me. Omar, we all have bad days. I used my frustration to kill the WOD.
Happy with my scores.

Nice work 5s!
15 year old girl training 2.5 months just cranked out 155 pound squats like they were air squats ... ass to ground every rep ... oie. Never mind China, there are girls in Canada who warm up with your max. Oh, and she's a cheerleader.
Squats (5r@85%) PM 370

5 min Double Unders - 343
5 min AMRAP
5 Ring Dips
10 Squats

10 + 2
Omar - throw that frustration into your press tomorrow... :-)
Squats: 65# My first PR :) I've been stuck at 60# for awhile! Thanks Jane for helping me out tonight!
AMRAP in 5 Min
Double Unders: 0 but fun trying
3 min Rest
AMRAP in 5 Min
5 Push Ups
10 Squats
6 Rounds + 5.

Very happy with my night!! Trying the 7am tomorrow.