CrossFit Fredericton offers private coaching, group coaching, and kids coaching. All exercise is customized to the individual's level of fitness. We also include education on nutrition and recovery methods. Our coaches are national champions and have been coaching strength and endurance concepts for over 60 years combined. Please book an appointment to learn more.
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Lol that's a great shot!
Lol we were totally fighting here
Trev must have said, "Really Adam, grow up!!" Adam then replied, "I don't know what you are talking about!" Hahahahaha
Ahh, the look in those eyes.
I'm guessing the conversation was more along the lines of:
Adam: "If you want to snatch and clean like a pro, just watch me."
Trev: ...
Ha ha Drew that's exactly what the gym needs is to start watching me for technique lol....I would single handedly ruin everyone ha ha
Athletes, please remember to submit your scores for 13.1 by 5PM TONIGHT ( so we can validate!
I need scores for: Filip Tosic, Grant Dixon, Julie Piercey, Kim L McKinley, Megan McKinley, and Rob Johns.
Also, reminder to Alex Alexander VanIderstine and Jamie Young to submit their scores to appropriate affiliates while traveling.
I just put mine in Anthony Bainbridge let me know if you see it on your end.
Nice look don't look too impressed.
That's the same face Pinard always made!
Lol ya your right Scotty that's were I learned my look of disgust he was the best at it bahaha right
Just told him his DU's will never be as good as mine.
Lol Adam I'm catching you
Bring it. Hoho!