The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes chinups, squats, and jump rope.
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Even if the question I ask is "What does Tony do before he pees?" Interesting.
lol .. love that you've dropbox'd it for easy retrieval :)
Too bad though Andrew he's forgotten how to post a link
wu x 2

squats to 95 x 5

50 chinups, jumping, on rings
100 squats
600 single unders

12:27. Nice start to the week. Good work all!
Robert, when's the last time you had any soft tissue work done? Specifically on glutes, quads, hamstrings, adductors? What's your couch stretch look like (google it if not sure what I mean)?

Squats to 235 - reset after a couple of weeks off dealing with a nasty chest cold.

50 Ring Rows
100 Squats
100 DU's


Lungs capacity is still a bit off. Cut it short. Here's to hoping this clears up this lingering cold.

Nice to be back at it.
Squats to 345x3
50 chinups
100 squats
200 double unders
7:38 - This one hurt way worse than I expected.
Warm up

Squats 3@90% PM 295
145, 175, 205, 235, 250, 265

50 chinups
100 squat
200 dus

Good work this morning everyone
Warm up
Squats to 190
Keeping my squats light for awhile due to my training for the half marathon. Eight more weeks!
50 Chinups (sub 50 ring rows)
100 Squats
200 Double unders (sub 600 single unders)
Result: 14:48
10AM: squat 500x1, unrack 905x1.


Daily squats 135x1, 155x1, 175x1, 195xF

Front squats up to 135x 5

Awesome trip to Cuba, back to reality now.
Squat to 250 X 5 felt heavy today

50 Chinups
100 Squats
200 Double Unders (600 Singles)

Warm up
Daily squats to 150x1

Squats to 150x0

WOD cut in half to get back to work :(
25 chin ups
50 squats
300 singles

Time was 9:56.

Great work nooners!!!
Have a great day!!!!
8:30am maintenance massage w/ Amy


Bench Press to 155# x 5

50 chinups
100 squats
200 DU

Squats to 75
50 ring rows
100 squats
600 singles
Hot Tub/Stretch. Warm Up. Snatch and Clean & Jerk were nothing to write home about. Anything overhead was just not happening today. Kept playing with cleans and build up to 173x1 (PR). :) Squat 245x1. Press 45x5. Lots of stretching, etc. Should do more this afternoon.
Squats 150x5 True PR
25 chin-ups
100 squats
600 SU
No idea what my time was, lol! My book is in the van. Pink tights next week to keep the Squat PRs on a roll :)
Warm up
Snatch 131x1x2. 116x2x2.
Clean and Jerk 168x1x3. 148x2x2.
Front Squat 205x2.

Foam roll, stretch and a wicked arm/ calf massage with Amy. Hurt so good!!
Yoga tonight 7:30-8:15 if anyone wants an extra stretch...
Marie is awesome!!!

Squat 3RM
180, 205, 250, 285, 305, 325

50 chinups
100 squats
200 double unders
Time: 6:45

Thanks for the carrot Eagles.
Nice work 5s!
Squats to 85 x 5

25 chinups
100 squats
100 single unders

Squats (3r@90%) PM 370

50 Pullups
100 Squats
200 Double Unders

Too many oxygen over load breaks. I haven't been breathing that heavy in a week, the brain couldn't handle the sudden influx of air.
CFWU x 1

Squats to 135: 75, 90, 105, 115, 125, 135 (PR for
depth). Appoaching my old PR for weight!

Wee WOD (pressed for time):
25 jumping chinups
50 squats
100 DUs
8:34. Not the greatest, but still work just like wise Anthony said.
Squats to 150# X 5 - (last two reps were hard won - the pubs of Boston took their toll :) -definitely required the reset - but felt good overall) Nice work Nicole & Tara!
50 chin-ups (sub ring rows)
100 squats
200 double unders
time 11:00
whew - that was intense!
Work day was high stress and I just could not find the extra gear that was needed. Arrived at gym already defeated but went because the gym even when I suck always lifts my mood.

Squat 135x2 f ( better than I expected because I thought I was going to fail during set 4)

Wod - I just had no drive and wanted to quit but I didn't. I did almost cry - not because it was too hard but because I was waging a mental battle to complete it.

Got it in 15:32

Thanks to Jodi and Tony who know how to coach me when "I get like that".

Been a long time since I had to wage a mental battle but at least the right me won!
Um, I think you have the best double-unders of anyone in the gym. Seriously, yours are the best. I'm sorry I screwed them up by walking too close. Your squats are awesome too - mu goal is to one day get as low as you do on yours.
Squats to 225 PR attempt but only got to round 5 @215 4,F (felt a little faint on reps 3 and 4 but was too stupid to stop before the F). Tried again to get 5 at 215 but only got 3 of them before good sense prevailed and I racked it. Thanks for saving my bacon on the fail Alex and Omar.

WOD 50 chinups (mostly singles), 100 squats and 600 single unders, time 16:05. Wanted to get some double under practice but after that lead up I was too wiped to even get one today.
Squats 165# x 5
50 ring rows
100 squats
600 or 650 single unders (decided to do an extra 50 incase I lost count)
Time: 12:49