The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes thrusters, wall ball, lunges, and jump rope.
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Oh... there's struggle alright! :-)
Good job girl!!!!
Look at those high elbows Jane!! :p
1 for 2 for international steak day ... how did everyone else do?
wu x almost 2

squats to 75 x 5, deep, deep! Thanks Jane.

WOD 3 rounds of
7 thrusters (35)
15 lunges
84 single unders

5:35. Great work, Kevin and Sharon R! Yay for Friday!
Push Press to 115 x 3 to warm up for open. I quickly realized that my left shoulder was really messed up today...the knife stabing kinda feeling.
13:2 Open
143 Reps
I originally was aiming to hit around 150 reps ....then after the warm up of push press I realized that 115 is heavy for me and my goal changed to more like 60 reps..
Strategy was simple ... slow and steady and don't rush to much cause before I knew it I would be faced with the dreaded push press again.
Overall it wasn’t as bad as I expected and I could had gone a little faster but still happy with my score…I guess it would had been better if I could had gotten 2 more box jumps to beat Kev …next time!.. ;)
Awesome job Kevin B and Sharon R on the Open Workout…
Warm Up
Push Press to 115 x 3 (warming up for the Open)
Open WOD 13.2
Result: 144
I was shooting for 150...I ran 9k last night so that may have impacted my performance this morning. I'm pretty happy with that result though! Kudos to Sharon R and Jason on their performance!
Deadlifts to 170 PR!
Will repeat next week though as the bar wasn't always right close to me.
NO WOD but judged Sharon R doing 13.2. She rocked it!
AMRAP in 10 mins of:
5 push press (75#)
10 deadlifts (75#)
15 box jumps

Score: 125 reps
Not sure if I will be freed up by noon so just gave up my noon hour spot - but will still try to make it if their is still room. Sigh - I was looking forward to day 4.
When a man rightly sees, he sees no death, no sickness, or distress. When a man rightly sees, he sees all, he wins all, completely. 10AM: deadlift 665x1 (PR), 675xF (to knee), 535x6 (cardio).

Warm up

WOD 13.2

166 reps

I was aiming for close to 200 reps until I began the workout, this seemed much easier then it actually was. Great push everyone :)
Warm up

WOD 13.2

100 reps.

Great push everyone!!!!
Have a great day and weekend!!!
Open 13.2
121 reps. I wanted 30 more reps, but my heart/lungs weren't cooperating with me.
Trev, Liette, Christina awesome work on the open.
Front squats to 120—PR match from 2011.
Only did 5 sets, ‘cause I’m like that.
WOD= 3 Rounds of:
• 7 Jumping squats with 20# ball
• 14 lunges
• 84 singles
Time: 5:01
Nice to see you, Todd! Hard to believe we’ve been doing this crazy stuff for two years!
Great to be back at the gym. Hope to make it in a few more times next week.
Great work everyone!
Hot Tub/Stretch. Warm Up. Snatch 141x1 (PR). Then played around with 145 - it's week, it's mine. ;) Clean 166x1.
WUx1.5 plus extra stretching for hips and shoulders
Cleans + Push Press to 115 to prepare for 13.2 tomorrow: PR and PR, so now I know I'll get at least one rep - I wasn't entirely sure about that until today :)
Sumo DL to 295x5 - nothing like Anthony's PR at 665, but still a PR for me
3 PRs in one day - that doesn't happen very often!
awesome Todd! I'm hitting up 295 tomorrow myself, hopefully with a similar result :)
Warmup, Front squats to 180# x 5 (PR)
AMRAP in 12 minutes of 10 pushups, 15 situps, 25 squats <- 8 rounds plus 12

Yoga for 30 minutes
Foam rolling

great rest day!
Warm up
Snatch 132x1. 116x2x2.
Clean&Jerk 174x1x2.
Front squat 210xf.
Two rest days! Sweet:)

Awesome work in the morning and at noon with 13.2!! Tough workout!

See you tmr at Yoga :)

Clean practice to 95. Thanks Jodi and Tasha for watching over them. Your tips are helping me understand how to avoid the bicep crunch when I clean. (Hmm, maybe I can use the cranky bicep excuse next time Bernie wants me to "clean" our house.)

3 rounds:
7 pushups
14 situps
28 Double-unders

4:42. Subbed in the pushups and situps to keep my knees fresh for the ski race this weekend, where I'm guaranteed a podium finish.....Because I'm one of only two women signed up for my race! I'LL TAKE IT:)
13:2 214. Nice work tonight Paul Christian and lil Kim!!!! Loved working out with you guys! Mwaaa

WOD 13.2
AMRAP in 10 mins of:
5 shoulder to overhead 115#
10 deadlift 115#
15 box jumps
Score: 269

I know, I should have done 1 more rep ;)
Thanks Judge Paul
Nice work Alex and Jennie too ;)
Another great day of 13.2 WOD's. Congrats on your awesome performances! Can't wait to work out with ya all next week!
13.2 = 180
Daily Squat

Clean and Jerk