The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes burpees.
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100 or 150 burpees? ;)
Death by Burpees?
EMOM in 10 minutes
1 burpee on the minute?
Sweet all kinds of burpees and it's deadlift day. Finally I have good timing.
Go Cassandra! Looking good! :-)
DL to 125 x5

Cleans 55#

Time: 10:52

Yikes this was a tough one!
We are placing an order with Rogue today. If you'd like to jump on the order please let me know by 12pm today.
wu x 2

daily squats 65, 75, 85, 95

power clean to 70 x 3

WOD 100 burpees

10:19. That's 29 seconds slower than last time, but I was feeling worn out and disheartened after a trying week and did them anyway in what is, for me, not an awful time, so I'm okay with that. Happy Friday to all!
Showed up late ... alarm didn't go off this morning... been having another busy week with working late nights again. BUT I made it in this morning.

warm up ... and Open WOD 13.3
Strategy was to pace myself at the begining and just take it one at a time then when I had 2 min left I would start picking up the pace ...but when I got towards the end I no longer felt like picking up the pace so I ended up just keeping it slow and steady. Mostly one at a time... Wall Ball is a movement that I need more practice with.. but it was fun.. Thanks Pat for all the no reps...I was expecting more of them. ;)

Score 104
Warm up
Cleans to 115 x 3
Open WOD 13.3
132 Reps
My goal was 150 reps but I am happy with this result...I probably had approx. 18 no reps. I ran 10k last night...was pretty achy at the beginning but the last 5k felt pretty good. Great job, Rob and Jason on 13.3!
Hey guys, I lost my wedding band last night at the gym, I'm really hoping it's in the gym and not in the parking lot :S Could everyone keep an eye out for a silver band with little diamonds around it ?


5R Deadlift to 295

100 Reverse Burpees

Awesome job on 13.3 guys.
wu x 2
Deadlifts to 155 x 5
WOD 100 burpees (welcome back hey?! haha)

Hot Tub/Stretch. Warm Up. Power Snatch 131x1. Clean 161x1. Lighter day but it felt heavy. :)

Quick warm up

109 reps. I hate wall balls!!!!!!!
Warm up

Crossfit Games WOD 13.3

92 reps.

Great work Christina, Trevor and Omar on 13.3

Great work nooners!!!
Have a great day and weekend!!!!
Warm up.
Did 13.3 yea it is a suckfest

110 reps. I wanted to get at least all the wall balls but my back started to get tight.

Trev, Christina, Liette good job on the open.
P Clean --45, 50, 55, 60 , 65 x 3

100 burpees
time: 7:17

It was Jacob's first CF class! He had fun hanging out with Jodi! Thanks again!
Overhead squat (x5) to 60 lbs - 4, F, 1

WOD - 100 burpees


40 sec PR! Just kept it steady, but doing 100 burpees on a bruised knee ain't fun! :-)

Nice work everyone, especially the 13.3ers and Ashley coming back after having her bub!
Bench Press 95 ( 1 rep @ 95% of 100 lb program max)
100 burpees
Great work on the burpees and 13.3 nooners!
Wow Lana!!! That's an AMAZING time on the burpees!!! Way to go!!!! :)
Front Squats


Daily Squat

Clean & Jerk

Good work on 13.3 everyone!
Cleans to 60#x3
100 burpees
time 7:42
PR by 36 seconds - last time I did this WOD I had to do reverse burpees because of my shoulder so I am very happy to end the week on this note.
Great job with 13.3 Mike & Alex !!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Deadlifts to #$%$@#

Tony quite accurately summed up my feelings tonight towards deadlifts at the end of his deadlift session tonight.

Congratulations to everyone silly/brave enough to do 13.3 tonight.

Daily Squat
up to 315

CFWU x 1

WOD 13.3
150 wallball 20#
90 D.U.
7 muscles
Score: 247 *PR* by 4 reps.

I'll take it!
Nice working next to you again Alex, great job!

Awesome burping today folks ;)
Fun gym time today

Got to judge another BAMF - Naomi - on 13.3 You were awesome, fantastic job! :)

10 rounds of:
5 pushups
5 toes to bar

Practice cleans - 45#
Right back to basics and a new goal for me: to prove I can lift heavier with proper technique

Congrats on 13.3 today everyone!
Thank you Christina for sharing my hatred towards wallballs :)
Thanks for helping me with cleans Jodi!
No problem. You'll have a huge clean after some good technique practice Lil Kim!!