The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes tire flips, double unders, and lunges.
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13:3 240. Nice work on the burpees and all the lifting and workouts guys!!! :) Happy weekend.
You rock Naomi! hope Bard is giving you a well deserved massage ;)
oops, Brad
Nice pic Filip!
I expect big things out of R2D2 today. He finished 13.3 last year, eventually, on one leg. This year with two should be a massive PR. ;)
Deadlifts to 195# x 5
2 Rounds of
2 min. of lunges
2 min. of double unders (yes that's right folks I'm finally getting the hang of double unders)
2 min. of tire flips
Score: 173 reps
Holy frig Meg, you got double unders!!! Woohoo! :D
Nice effort today crew. And thanks for yoga Jane. Appreciate the "gentle" stretch lol
Nice work Naomi!
Open workout 13.3
12 minute AMRAP
150 wallball
90 double unders
30 muscle ups

150 + 90 + 7 = 247

1:15 PR on Karen and 26 rep PR on last year.

Nice work today everyone, that was tough.
Yoga..tks Jane

Power Snatch & Over Head Squat to 110 x 3

13.3 open WOD ...second attempt just for fun.
Had a new strategy of getting as many out at the beginning then string 5 at a time without letting the ball hit the floor...just hold it and lean against the wall for my short breaks.

Thanks Rene for pushing me to keep going...and awesome job on the 13.3

Score of 130 reps today...I'll take it. ;).

5R Good Mornings to 180

Decided to give 13.3 a try for fun with encouragement from Jason. Quickly realized that those extra few inches to get clear over the border were going to hurt.

128 reps in 12 mins - just about met pukie.

This and yesterday's burpees will make Sunday interesting to say the least.

Awesome job everyone!
Open WOD 13.3
Score = 130

Achieved my goal of not finishing last in my age group in Canada East (which was what I got on 13.2 last week :( ). Currently sitting 15th out of 18 scores posted. #notbeinglastagainfeelsgood :)

Great work by everyone else who was doing the Open WOD today. Thanks for judging Karen and nice to meet you Grant.
Great yoga session this morning Jane!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
Thanks for making it to Yoga~ nice class..and George, I hope ya come back ;) Awesome work with 13.3 eveeyone!!
I'm reflecting on this week....did wall ball on Monday, wall ball again Tuesday for 20 min just for practice, wall ball Friday and again today. Could it be true if you do what you hate long enough you begin to love it?
Hahaha! It could be true, Jason.
It's not true Jason, I've been at the gym since just after they opened and I still don't like wallball.