The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes snatch, box jump, and chinups.
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The quote is from one of my favorite books as a child ... first person to guess it gets a free pack of beef jerky tomorrow.
Curious George
Kevin and Naomi both guessed at the same time ... free jerky for both. :)
Are people with kids allowed to answer?
Yes, but too late. :P
Oh well, that's what I get for being courteous and not just answering. Damn you Boudreau :)
Oh yeah!
13.4: AMRAP 7 minutes of clean & jerk (135/95) and toes to bar in ladder format (3, 6, 9, etc). Enjoy!
Sweet, sounds like a good time
That sucks!
Oh wow. 13.4 is stuff I've never done. Excited to try and to learn. Hoo, gonna be tough. First time for everything.
Oh my, 13.4, just like 13.2 did, will require Todd to set a PR just to get one rep... And to boot, this time I've had a chest cold all week. Here we go again :)
Picked a good time last night it appears Olivier to start practicing T2B.
13.4 movement standards ( ... please read and understand BEFORE you arrive!

Good Morning to 185

2,4,6 etc. In 10 mins
Snatch (65)

45 reps - snail pace on the snatch but sthrenght coming back to my injury proned wrists.

Lots of good performances on 13.4 and this with many trying movements for the first time!
Warm up & Stretch
Push Press to 135 x 1
Open WOD 13.4
8 Reps
I could not do was around the 5:30 mark before I was able to get my first one...then I did 3 in a row. Big thanks to Pat N for helping me get my first t2b.
Have a great long weekend!
WOD: 13.4
AMRAP in 7mins. of:
3 clean and jerks (95#)
3 toes to bar
Score: 3 reps
Stupid toes to bar, my list on what I have to work on just keeps getting bigger.

Warm up


31 reps.
Warm up

Crossfit Games WOD

3 reps.

Great work everyone and nooners!!!
Have a great day and long weekend!!!
stretch and hot tub .... hurt my lower back with yesterdays deadlift... I must have done something wrong on my last set... decided to take it easy and try to recover enough to get at least 1 rep in for 13.4
Getting ready for 13.4...with a plate of bacon.
Bacon wrapped beef Rebekah?

Daily squats
Up to 415

WOD 13.4
AMRAP in 7 minutes of
3 c & j
3 t2b
6 c & j
6 t2b
Score: 87 reps

Great work everyone on 13.4!
Warm-up: Cleans and overheads to 95.

Score: 36 reps.

What I learned: Pain is temporary; toes to bars are fun; I can shove 95 lbs over my head. Almost cried after the last rep. Almost. Then I remembered Patrick was at the gym and he'd never let me hear the end of it if I did, so I put a sock in it.

Great job 13.4 crew!
Rest day for me and another tmr.. feeling a little off and only a few weeks left so some extra rest it is!
30 minutes Yoga. Ice bath. Hot tub. Foam roll.

Awesome work so far on 13.4 guys! looks fun:)
Excellent work tonight you crazy 13.4 machines! Although seriously Mike you couldn't get a few more reps any finish off 15? ;)
Deadlifts suck! That is all.
Ok not much add last week but they still suck. On the bright side my energy is higher and I've been sleeping better.
Seriously, if you were not at the 7 pm class you missed an amazing feat of strength.

Lil'Kim rocked the 95 # C n J

Made me so happy to see you get them Kim.

Have a super vacation.
Warm Up
Handstand Pushups

13.4 - 60 reps (finished the 12s round)

Kim rocked this! Worked so hard for her C_+J's and was awesome to watch! Good job!!!
Coach Ashley did pretty great herself! Smooth c n js
48 reps

Daily Squat


Got to judge Kim doing 13.4! Great work on the C&Js!!
13.4 = 9 reps
got first 3, then T2B, the failed a few C&J, until Olivier helped me with technique and I was able to push 3 more :)
Thanks for the awesome coaching Olivier and Ashley, and thanks for the encouragement Karen and everyone, couldn't have done it without you!

Great job on 13.4 everyone! wow, such impressive scores! Proud of you all!
See you on Saturday finals! woohoo!