The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes thrusters, box jumps, and strict chinups.
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Great form Terry!
Terry!!!!! WHOOT!!!
Looks like you could use a cold one about now!
13.5: amrap in 4 minutes of 15 thrusters (100/65) and 15 chest to bar chinups. If you complete 90 reps (3 rounds) your new time cap is 8 minutes. If you complete another 90 reps your new time cap is 12 minutes. And so on. Enjoy!!!
Sweet, who doesn't love thrusters and chinups
Who doesn't live death by Fran?
Dad Rules! Camilla It is good to have the respect of my daughters! even with the "face".
Looking Good Dutch!!

5R Deadlift to 305

Box Jump (6 plates)
Strict Chinup

Blah morning but made it in which is a win.
Warm up
Deadlifts to 195 (going light due to my running)
12-9-6-3 of:
Thrusters (65)
Result: 7:56

Practiced chest to my first one, ever. PR! 13.5 is going to be a challenge!!

Bench Press to 170# x 5 (PR!)

Strict Chinups

As Rx'd => 6:57
So excited to watch the never-ending Fran this Saturday!! Just watched Camille vs. Samantha on youtube - intense!
I thought you did conditioning on deadlift days Robert? ;)


Power snatch to 80 x 3 (repeat again next week, have to work on the form)

power cleans up to 100 x3
Warm up
Daily squats to 155x1

Straight leg deadlift to 120x5

12-9-6-3 of:
Thrusters (65)
Jumping chin ups

Time was 8:46. Thanks for the push nooners!!!

Great work nooners!!
Have a great day and weekend!!!
Sumo DL 315#
no wod

practice pullups chest to bar failed each rep...
Hot Tub/Stretch. Warm Up. Snatch 128x1. Power Clean 158x1. Headstand practice as per Amy. :) Gotta take the good with the bad eh?
Deadlifts to 205# x 5
Thrusters (55#)
ring rows
Time: 6:34

Daily Squats
up to 315

Press 5RM
70, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125

Thrusters 95#
Strict Chinups
Time: 3:47

Took her easy seeing as I have more chinups and thrusters on the horizon.

Nice work 5s!

How was 13.5 Olivier?
Sorry guys going to be a no show.
It's me that's going to be a no show not Mike. Sorry
No daily squats today as I wanted to save every bit of energy for deadlifts as they haven't been going well lately.

Deadlifts 430x5

Last rep was slow and a bit lopsided but it went up.
Warm up
Snatch 132x1.
Clean and Jerk 172x1x3.
Squat 230x1x2.
30 minutes of Yoga.
Everything felt pretty good today only left out some volume to rest my arm. I'm getting excited to go:) still need to get some work done!!
Off to foam roll/ice.
Press to 55# X 5
Thrusters (40#)
Ring Rows
time 6:08
good work on a tough work out everyone!
Warm up with a couple of chin ups. Can't seem to get the reverse grip but getting some chin ups anyhow.

Bench reset 70x5

Felt heavy

Wod 12-9-6-3
Thrusters 45#
Jumping chin ups rings


Don't think I have done thrusters since 12.5 open. Forgot how they kick you ass even with a bare bar.
Front Squats

48 reps

Nice work with 405, Chad!
Michel, it was just as bad as I expected. Any metcon in the form of Fran is just awful.
Chad finally moved 405? I'm assuming you meant he rolled a bar out of the way with 405 on.
More active rest. 9:30AM: snatch 185x1x3, clean 265x1x3.