The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes muscleups.
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30 for time? Hey RJ isn't Monday a metcon day for you? ;)
Nice head band, Alex!
9AM: first position snatch 135x2x5, clean 280x1x3, clean 290x1, clean 260x2x2, jerk 225x1x3, front squat 325x1x3. Decent day.

Squats to 245# x 5 (ties PR)

60 Chinups
60 Pushups
Squat to 205 x 5 "Reset" to give my lower back a break.... was kinda nice for a change.. ;)

30 Muscleups (60 Chinups / 60 Pushups)

Time: 10:56

3 Muscleups after just for fun as I was all warmed up ... felt good.. next time will do the 30, just wasn't feeling it today.



Daily squats 135x1, 155x1, 175x1, 195x1 they felt great so I tested 200 x1 haven't done these since xmas, not as low as I should have will redo them tomm.

Front squats up to 150 x 3 x F (PR)

60 chinups
60 pushups

8:20 and first time doing this many chin ups without my hands ripping (PR) hehe.
Hot Tub/Stretch. Warm Up. Snatch 128x1x3. Clean 158x1. Front Squat 161x1. :S
Warm up
Squats to 145x2. Form wasn't going good for the one on the third attend. Try again next week to get all 5.

60 jumping chin ups
60 regular push ups (first time with that amount with regular push ups.YAY!!!)

Time was 10:54.

Great work nooners!!!
Have a great day!!!
Squats (x5) to 135 lbs.
Got 3. 1 more than last week. Getting stronger... one rep a week at a time. :-)

60 jumping chin-ups
60 push-ups (up from knees, down from toes)

Sweaty!!! Nice work everyone, particularly Omar and Todd for pushing through & sticking to the chin-up bar.
squats to 185#
WOD: 60 pullups, 60 pushups
finished in 20:48, thx Jodi for waiting for the slow guy/
warm up
Snatch 130x1. felt so good but nothing after that. 116x2x2.
Clean and Jerk 174x1.
Front squat 205x1.
Yoga class. Ice.

pretty good morning.. lots of practice time left. get to test one rep max on Saturday:) really looking forward to that!

The myth of the eight-hour sleep
Love the quote today :)
CFWU x 1
Press to 66 x 4

60 pushups, 60 ring rows- 8:39! Was REALLY struggling with the ring rows and pushups today!
I'll be late for 5 pm class but I'll have time to do the WOD
Sorry I was a no-show for the 5 p.m.. Got bogged down at work with a late phone call and I wouldn't have had time to make it for a reasonable warm-up. I'll get back on track tomorrow.
Squats (3r@90%) PM 375

30 Muscle Ups

Came out way, way, too fast. At about 1:30 in I had 15 muscle ups, then the wheels fell off the cart.
warmed up, threw some burpees in for old time sake ;)
Squats to 120x5 - felt good
60 Ring Rows
60 Push Ups from toes
My arms feel like jello!
The last three weeks have felt great - eating better, sleeping at least 6 hours most nights, and gym. Amazing, how much better I feel. I
Great work, sixes!
Squat PR to 175# x 5
60 ring rows
60 pushups
Time: 7:09
Good mornings to 140 x 5

60 chinups (30 chinups, 30 ring rows)
60 pushups

Things are starting to fall apart again...I need a good pick-me-upper. Where's did my fiest go???
Squat to 145# x 5
60 ring rows
60 push ups
Time: 6:43
Nice PR Megan
Great perseverance with muscleups, Matt!