The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running, chinups, and wall ball.
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I won't be able to make it in .... :(. I'm registered for 10am.. If you can remove me...I was too late. Thanks
Sorry Jason, sitting in a car on our way to CrossFit Saint John. Do 100 burpees as penance.
Cleans to 70 x 3

2 rounds of
800 M run
20 chinups (on rings)
20 situps

Snatches to 65 x 3

Nice Saturday morning :)

Hope your friends liked Crossfit Heidi, they did great!
Deadlifts to 125 x 5

2 rounds of:
800M run
20 chinups (2nd round ring rows)
20 wallballs (14#)

Cleans to 55 x 3

Great first week!
Squats (x3)

2 Rounds
800m run
20 chinups
20 wall ball
Time: 14:29
Am-45 minutes Yoga.
Pm-17km mountain bike 56 mins.
Race tmr first one in a long time!
3 40min games of rugby today 3-0, tournament champions on our home field. Nice return to rugby after a year off with a back injury!
Good luck tomorrow Jane!
Congratulations Drew!