The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running, toes to bar, and squats.
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Well at least it's not Fran for my first post vacation metcon.
Jason tomorrows my first day back after two weeks off as well so I'll be suffering too. I wasn't on vacation though. Just lazy.
Squats felt super easy this morning and managed to finish within 30 seconds of my predicted time on the WOD. Still feeling sore but huge improvements over last couple days. Awesome work 6am!

CFWU x 1
Squats 5RM @ 85% of 370
175, 210, 245, 285, 300, 315

3 rounds of:
400m run
20 toe-2-bar
30 squats
Prediction: 10:20
Actual time: 10:48
Jason, not sure what tomorrow is but rumour has it that she is a B.I.T.C.H. I'll blame it on you whatever it is ;)

7 AM Class
Warm Up
Squats to 175 x 5

3 Rounds:
400 m run (subbed 15 burpees)
20 Toes to Bar (subbed knee raises)
30 squats
14:06 mins
Guess I've got some work to do :)

Good work Erika, Chris, Sandy! Thanks Jane - good start to the week...

Squat to 235 x 5

3 Rounds of
400m run
20 toe-2-bar
30 squats

Squat to 185


3 Rounds of:
400m run
20 toes-2-bar (sub push-ups)
30 squats

Est time: 10:15 Act time: 8:45
Warm Up
Bench Press to 195 x 5 (PR)
3 Rounds:
400 m run
20 Toes to Bar (subbed knee raises)
30 squats
Result: 12:17

Great start to the week!
Aren't most workouts bitches?
Awful lot of hate there for a Monday morning Michel. You go back to work this week as well? :-)
Not this week Jason, next.
Probably why I have so much hate ;)
Squats (x5) to 130 lb
Got 'em! Wasn't sure after a weekend of long hikes in Fundy. Hips and knees are talkin to me! Nice working with you Daniel and Kathrine!

3 Rounds:
400 m run
20 Toes to Bar (subbed knee raises)
30 squats


This took longer than it should of - too many breaks! But feel awesome now. :-)

Thanks Jane!
Only two workouts are guaranteed to make me dry heave ... tomorrow is one of them.
12PM: bench press 320x4 (PR), squat 475x1, 3 rounds of 30 toes to bar + 30 squats in 4:12.
The last time I remember Anthony dry heaving it was during "Eva" Think I may have to watch the kids tomorrow.
True, that has happened, but it's not guaranteed (ie, I PRd "Eva" last year without incident).
Humm? Lets ask the boss. Hey Jodi, what was the workout he was dry heaving on during the pullups beside you. Although I swear it was "Eva" but then I'm old and forgetful.
That was Eva, but it was 2-3 years ago when we had that 45 degree heat wave.
Squat therapy 105
WOD: as rxd
Predication Time: 4:12
Actual time: 18:30
You have some serious upper management/project manager potential Omar with those time predictions. :)
Jason as you can see I had to predict the best time around it just happened to be Tonys time....Just didnt work out as expected
AM: Hot Tub/Stretch. CFWUx1.9. 2.5km run (untimed but slow). Power Snatch 125x1. Front Squat 160x1x2. 3 Rounds of: 400m Run + 20 Situps + 30 Squats in 9:37. I had to sub the Toes 2 Bar. I like them but my shoulder doesn't so I'm saving everything I have for Bench Press tomorrow. ;) PM: 50km bike by RiverBend, very nice ride. Thanks Heidi and Kim. :)
Warm up.
2.5km run thanks Jodi.
Snatch 120x1. 100x2x2.
Clean and Jerk 150x1x2.
Daily squat 225x1.

3rds of:
400m run-20 toes 2 bar- 30 squats.
Time 11:38. (predicted 12mins)
Yoga tonight.
Squats Reset (5r@85%) PM 350

400m run
12 T2B
30 Squats

Never thought running would be the break in a metcon.
Filip you lied to me, you wussed out and didn't do the metcon.
WU x 1
Squats to 70… slowly building and feeling great.
WOD: 3 rounds of 400m run, 20 knee raises, 30 squats
Time: 10:36
Jason I said I'd suffer and if you don't think I suffer and sweat with 5 rep squats you got another thing coming. Also the wod tomorrow, Barbara?
Oh I hope it's not Barbara, and if it has to be please let there be no three minute break between rounds. That three minute break gives me the worst exertion headache I've ever had.
It's Lynn judging by tomorrow's post
Lynns much better than Barbara. I just wont be able to lower my arms for the rest of the week after all the pullups.