The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running, clean & jerk, and muscleups.
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Daily Squats
1 x 135, 225, 275, 315
CFWU x 1
Deadlift 5RM (Testing hamstring)
135, 185, 210, 230, 260, 275

4 rounds of:
200m run
3 clean and jerks 185lbs
3 Muscleups
Time: 9:33 (estimated 8:30 min)

Maybe feeling a little bit of the affects of the weekend comp.

Nice work 6am!
Daily squats to 245
Skill Work: DUs Progress!! Had a couple consecutive SU-SU-DU-SU-SU-DU strings.


4 Rounds of:
200m run
3 Clean and jerk (sub 8 plate box jumps)
3 MUs (sub 6 ring rows, 6 push-ups)

Estimated time: 5:04 Actual time: 6:28
Warm up.
Snatch 112x1x2.
Clean and Jerk 145x1.
Squat 235x3 thanks Heidi for the spot!

4rds of:
200m run
3 Clean and jerk 135lbs
3 Bar muscle ups (for two rounds)
6chinups 6 pushups (for two rounds)
Time 19:18
It was longer but I wanted to try the bar muscle ups.

Excellent work today, Jodi!
**Trail Run 6:30 max 5km.
Push press (x3) to 97 lb - 2, F
This equals my PR.

4 Rounds of:
200m run
3 Clean and push press (80 lbs)
6 ring rows, 6 sit-ups


Well that was a lot of heavy overhead work today! Loved the WOD! Nice work everyone! Welcome back Pat!

Warm Up
Deadlifts - Build to 205 x 5

WOD: 4 Rounds
200 m run (subbed 50 skips)
3 Clean & Jerks @ 185 (subbed Push Press 95)
3 Muscle Ups (subbed double ring rows and push ups from knees)
7:39 mins

TUE12PM: 30 minutes of snatch drills, squat 405x2. WED11AM: squat 475x1, deadlift 405x5, atlas stone 270x3 (48") / 323x3 (lap). Overall good day.
AM: Hot Tub/Stretch. CFWUx1. Clean 167x1. Front Squats 170x2. 4 Rounds of: 200m Run + 3 Clean & Jerks (135 pounds) + 3 Muscleups in 18:18. Funny how only doing jerks every few weeks does not make me better at jerks. ;) OH well! Can't work on everything at once.
Yeah, LIFT DAT WEIGHT! CX lift it guuuud XD

Bench build up to 105 only got one this week will redo this
2 rds + run
200 run
3 cleans 95#
6 ring rows
7 push ups
CFWU x 1

Strict Press up to 64lbs
4 Rds of :
200m run
3 cleans + press (55lbs)
6 chin ups and 6 push ups (from knees)

press to 55 x 5

4 rounds
200 m run
3 clean and jerks (55 #)
6 chinups and 6 pushups

Estimated time 12:20
Actual time : 10:30

The running was worse than I anticipated. Think I could have used more weight on the clean and Jerks.
cfwu + hspu
Bench paused
wod 4 rnds
200m run
3 clean and jerks 135lbs
6chinups 6 pshups
Estimated 3 min a round.
Nice having the boss coach us and nice to meet you maddy! Great work tonight people!
Press (175x5)

4 Rounds
200m run
3 CnJ (185#)
6 Pushups, 6chinups
Time: 13:46 ish
Daily squats to 365x1
Snatch to 125x3
Clean and Jerk to 165x3
Holy lack of active shoulders during snatch. Apparently the 140 pushups and 70 wallball the night before wasn't a good thing.

4 rds
200m run
3 clean and jerks (a lean 185lbs) :)
3 muscle ups