The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running, overhead lunges, and toes to bar.
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Grant, yes, you're missing some.
Awe @#$%;:' Anthony you are correct.
Well that was fun last night. Although I didn't really need a 6+ hour thunder storm I did find where the water is coming from in the basement so that's good.
Daily Squats
1 x 135, 225, 275, 315
CFWU x 1 (10 HSPU)

255 x 1 x 3

AMRAP in 15 mins of:
400m run
30 Overhead Lunges 45lbs
20 Toes 2 Bar
Score: 3 rounds + run + 30
Estimated: 3 rounds

Nice work 6am!
Deadlifts to 155
AMRAP in 15 min of:
400 m run
30 overhead lunges (10#)
20 toes to bar
3 rounds
I quite enjoyed this WOD. Good work everyone.
Warm up.
Power snatch 95x a bunch.. just playing around today to move.
Front squat 195x1.

Yoga 30mins -practiced new postures for your 10am class.

Great morning coaching and watching you guys work!
Easy day. 2PM: snatch 155x1x3, clean & jerk 245x1x3, front squat 355x1.

60,70,80,90,100 x 3 107 x 2 x f. Think I failed on the last one due to te smell of Tony's gear!

40 box squats
30 lunges
20 sit ups
3 rds + 7
AM: Hot Tub/Stretch. CFWUx1. Weighted Chinups BW+37.5x5. Squats 245x1. EMOM for 10 minutes of: Power Clean & Jerks, 115 pounds.
Sarah, that did have some serious hang time didn't it.
And here I thought it was rj!
I still think it was a combination of the two of them.

Although you know it's bad when the rugby players are making comments about it.
AM: Deadlifts to 170# x 5
AMRAP in 15 mins of:
400m run
30 overhead lunges (25#)
20 knee raises on the bar
Score: 3 rounds

PM: Cleans to 90# x 3
20 deadlifts (155#)
Time: 1:29
40 pushups
Time: 3:41
Deadlift to 145 x 5
400m run
30 overhead lunges (10#)
20 knee raises on the rings
3 rounds + run
Fun! Glad the rain stopped so we could run!