The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running, overhead lunges, and toes to bar.
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CrossFit Fredericton Team WOD:
100 burpees Patrick Time: 5:47 *PR*
"Isabel" 30 Snatch 135 # Me Time: 2:35 *PR*
"Grace" 30 Clean & Jerk 135# Olivier Time: 2:55 *PR*
400m run
Final time: 13:12

VERY NICE work team!
This was awesome! Even more so after I got home thinking my time was 3:35 until I plugged it in my spreadsheet. 2:35! Fuck yeah!!!! I KNEW it felt like a PR :)
Very excited!!!
10AM: Yoga. 12PM: Last minute sub in for the Team workout with Alex V (100 Burpees), Matt G (Isabel), me (Grace) and finish with a team 400m Run. Time: 13:29. Great work guys! Always so much fun!! 2PM: Light Squat 225x1.
Such a super fun day!! Crazy all the PRs today! AWESOME!!
12PM: team workout of 100 burpees (Jonathan), 30 snatch @ 135 (me), 30 clean & jerk @ 135 (Christian), and 400m sprint (all) in 13:50. 2PM: squat 405x1, deadlift 495x1 / 465x5. Fun day!
CF Kids busy:)
Warm up.
Front squat 205x1.
5rds of
10 overhead lunges 45lbs
10 toes to bar
Time 14:59.

Team Workout
Grace 2:44 no pr today.
400m run.
Awesome work Naomi and Katie Great team!! Good effort from all CFF girls and guys! :)