The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running and overhead squats.
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Go Marie-Hélène!
must be the shoes... ;)
Go Marie! Very impressed with your dedication & work ethic.
Aww, thank you Peta! :D
Daily Squats
375 x 1

CFWU x 1 + 10 pistols + 10 HSPU + kb snatch

Snatch 3RM
65, 95, 115, 135, 145, 155

Front Squats 3RM
145, 175, 205, 235, 250, 265

Nice work 6am!
Cleans to 100# x 5 (failed 110#)
"Team Nancy"
5 rounds of
400m run
30 overhead squats (35#)
Partner: Danielle
Time: 18:33
CFWU modified
Squats to 125
Team WOD with Peter:
5 rounds of:
400 m run
50 squats
Great work everyone!
REMEMBER: open gym is cancelled as we are hosting a team workout this weekend! Please sign up via the facebook event page. Also, yoga will resume on November 9th at 10am!
CFWU X 1, Squats (75,85,95,105 x 1), Bench to 80 x 4. Got it last week, but not this week. Been a struggle for a while- Reset to 70. "TEAM" WOD with Julie- 5 rounds 400m run, 30 OHS (35#) in 17 something. Swim- hot tub after. Great job everyone. Love training in the morning! Have a great Friday!
Bench to 210

Team "Nancy"
5 rounds of:
400m run
30 OHS 135 (sub 65)

Teamed up with Blue Steel for a rocking time of 15:37!
Blue Steel aka Jesse Robichaud!
Great morning spotting Nicole LeBlanc and Sandy Loder as they worked on their beach muscles on the bench!!! And running by the river with the sun coming up! I deadlifted 300 lbs to keep up with Kevin Wright!
Thanks for clarifying Sandys post Nicole. I had all kinds of, umm interesting and disturbing visual images on that one.
Jason, I'm curious to hear what you were imagining. Do tell!
wu x 2

box squats (2 plates) to 75 x 5

WOD modified Team Nancy (no team)
5 rounds of
400 m run
25 squats

17:34. Have a great weekend all!
It's a fun day today out here at the mall. I got called a health nut and asked if I competed in bodybuilding competitions.
Great way to end a week early in the AM

Team Nancy
400m run
30 OHS
Thanks for the push final John
Overhead squat PR for a WOD - jumped from 35 to 65 - thanks to my motivational coach Alan, and my cross fit coach Jodie "you can't go heavy until you do it right" Bainbridge.
Daily Squat

DB Flies
5x10 (Pink KB aka 17.5#)

WOD: Team Nancy (w/ Dave)
5 Rounds
400m run
25 squats
time: 16:52?
I have a lumosity account available to any CFF member - message me if you want it!
CFWU X 1 + Shoulder mobility stuff to ready for snatches

Snatch to 70: 40, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70. Things felt waaay more comfortable and mobile this week. Got the green light from Jodi to go up to 75 next week! Yahoo!

Team WOD with Gabby:

5 rounds of:
400m run
15 OH snatches (I subbed 25 squats to go easy on shoulder)

15:45. Gabby rocked her OH snatches and kept us juuust ahead of Team Peter/Chritian, who were breathing down our necks! Great work 5 p.m.!
Hot tub/Warm up/foam roll
Snatch drill for 12 minutes, snatch to 115x1, ENOM in 12 with 95. Back squat to 225x1
Team WOD with Tasha: 5 rounds of 400m Run + 30 OHS (65#) Time: 18:???

Good job everyone ! Light day before tomorrow's shenanigans!