The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes kettlebell swings and mountain climbers.
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Go Lisa!
Lisa Martin.... way to go!
Warm up x 2
kettlebell swings
mountain climbers
Time: 6:59
Daily Squats
up to 345 x 1

CFWU x 1 + extras

Deadlifts 5RM
up to 370 x 5

Kettlebell swings 1.5 pood
Mountain climbers
Time: 5:50

Nice work 6am!
Squats to 345 x 1

AMRAP in 8 mins:
10 box jumps 24"
10 lunges
10 squats

7 + 1
Deadlifts (x5) to 175lbs.

That's the heaviest I've gone in a long time - felt good.

kettlebell swings (Yellow)
mountain climbers
Time: 7:14

Ah - I haven't missed you, mountain climbers. Yay for doing a WOD RX-ed for a change! :-)
Think you have a lousy job? Be grateful you don't have this guys job
PM: CFWUx1. Clean 165x1. 1 Pause Jerk + 1 Jerk 115. Front Squat 175x1. 40-30-20-10 reps of: Kettlebell Swings (1 pood) + Mountain Climbers in 5:33. Jerks felt solid today.
wu x 2

deadlift to 155 x 1 (95% of pgm 165)

WOD 40-30-20-10
Russian kbs (yellow)
mountain climbers

7:17. Aack. Left my notebook & water bottle behind. At least it wasn't my dirty socks this time! Will get them tomorrow. :)
And be grateful we don't have smell-o-monitors
CFWU x 2, Squats to 125 x 1, Clean and jerk to 95 x 3, WOD 40-30-20-10 KB (yellow), mountain climbers in 6:06, swim, hot tub. Fun morning despite lack of pop music. Good job everyone!
Daily Squat

Front Squat
300x2 PR

Sott Press

40-30-20-10 of
Swings (1.5)
Mountain Climbers
Time: 8:13
I know that guy in that back taking a break from Pullups lol