The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes wall ball, double unders, and toes to bar.
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Overhead press to 64# x 3
5 mins of wall ball (14#)
4 mins of double unders
3 mins of knee raises
Score: 69-79-45
SQUAT 250 X 5

5 mins of wall ball
4 mins of double unders
3 mins of Toes to Bar

Score: 58,52,33
Squats 385 x 1 PR!

Great to see you back Pat!
Daily Squats
up to 315 x 1

CFWU x 1

Deadlift 5RM Deload 60%
up to 245 x 5

5 minutes of Wallball 20lbs: 104
4 minutes of Double Unders: 254
3 mintues of Toes 2 bar: 42

Nice work 6am!
Awesome Squat PR Sandy!
wu x 2

deadlift to 100 x 5 (60% of pgm 165)

5 minutes wall ball (10)
4 minutes double unders
3 minutes knees raises on rings

Won't be able to make it for noontime class, too late to cancel, sorry

Noon Hour WOD's at the Office
Monday Dec 2nd
Tabata office style
Pushups:16,15,9,8,6,6,5,5: 70
Ball Crunches: 9,8,7,8,8,8,7,8: 63
Lunges: 8,8,9,10,9,10,8,10: 72
Squats: 15,12,10,9,9,9,10,12: 86

Tuesday Dec 3rd
AMRAP in 10min
15 Burpees
90 Singles
Total: 5+15+62

Wednesday Dec 4th
Tabata office style
Pushups:19,13,9,8,6,5,6,6: 72
Plank: all unbroken
Lunge: 12,10,9,9,9,9,8,11: 77
Squat: 13,12,11,13,13,12,11,11: 96

Friday's are Max Burpees ...
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch. CFWUx1. Clean 155x1. 120x1 Paused Jerk + 1 Jerk. Front Squat 155x3. AMRAP 5 minutes of WallBall (14 pounds) + AMRAP 4 Minutes of Double Unders + AMRAP 3 Minutes of Toes to Bar. Score: 85-194-40. Not feeling strong today but I'm fairly happy with the conditioning work and the progress I'm making on jerks.
Going to have to pick up your game Jodi if you want to beat Mike in this upcoming "friendly" comp. ;)
Easy day. 2PM: clean 315x1, squat 505x1, 25 burpees (0:37).
Push press to 91:


5 mins of wall ball
4 mins of double unders
3 mins of toes to bar

Daily squats to 375x5 PR for reps
Split work to 120
5 min wallball (20 lbs)
4 min double unders
3 min toes to bar
Wasn't a complete spaz with the split practice this week.
Fifth rep was high, R2D2 said the third may have been but no one else confirmed. Will have to do again next week to ensure depth on all five.
Clean & Jerk
235x1, 255x1 (Clean only)

180x3, 190xF

Daily squat

Snatch (First position)

5 mins WB - 87?
4 mins DUs - 91
3 mins knees up - 29
Nice work on the squat PR Jason!
Not sure whether to declare. Victory - I did walllballs and double unders and. Tonight and. Walking as though imitating a Tim Conway/ carol Burnett skit. "Mrs. Wiggins". Upside my. Calves are toast, but my old lady hip held up nice through walllballs and deadlift day.
Sumo DL to 305x5 PR with more in the tank. Woot! Look out 315 here I come!
WOD "Omar's Birthday" (or is that Barfday? :) - a little something of his own invention for the occasion.
21-15-9 of
Burpee-box jumps 24" (just as much fun as it sounds)
Power cleans 95# (Rx was 135)
Fun WOD, would definitely do it again.
Happy birthday Omar!