The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes power snatch and double unders.
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Hi Charly! :)
arms look like Uncle Al's
Daily Squat
up to 315 x 1

CFWU x 1 + pistols and HSPU

Front Squats 3RM
145, 175, 205, 235, 250, 265

EMOM in 10 minutes:
4 power snatch 135lbs
Max Double Unders
Score: 40 + 232

Nice work 6am!
Cleans to 100# x 3
EMOM for 10 mins of
4 power snatch (65#)
max double unders

Score: 40+40
Great photo, great daily quote.
wu x 2

box squats to 85 x 5

4 box jumps (3 plates)
max double unders

67 double unders total. Have a great weekend!
WU x 2, Daily squats to 135 x 1, Deadlifts to 160 x 5, WOD: EMOM 10 min: 4 power snatch (45), max DU- 40/399 DU. Hour long swim/hot tub… ahh! :)
Cleans to 100 followed by snatches to 65 followed by snatch drills at 15, 25 and 35 lbs to work on getting under the bar quick. Super fun lots, of learning today.
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch. CFWUx1. Front Squat 171x1. Sumo Deadlift 335x1. EMOM10: 4 Power Snatch (95 pounds) + Max Double Unders. Got all the power snatch and a total of 61 double unders.
Squat 405x1, deadlift 555x5.
Cleans to 77 x 3 (my mistake was saying things felt pretty good after set 3 - best to wait until set 4 or 5 before making that statement) will repeat 77 next time
EMOM in 10 minutes:
4 power snatch 45lbs
Max Double Unders
Score: 40 + 211
Great way to wrap up the week.
Thanks for the snatch technique tips Heidi!
Have a great weekend all!
Cleans to 92, f x f x f - err!

EMOM ins 10:
4 power snatch (55#)
Max double unders
40 - 69 ha ha!

All lifts sucked today. Surprised me because I have been feeling great all week. Must be the lack of sleep.