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good heaven's how much are you lifting?
Georgina, that's 315 pounds, which was a new PR (personal record) for me. As you can see, it gave me a bad case of Deadlift Face too (fortunately not permanent) :)
Great lift Todd!! That's not a bad poop face, just need a little work on the furrowed brow.
Mark Miller, Mark Boldon, Todd Trask, check this guy out!!
Awesome, when it's time to put summer tires back on, I'll save the wear on my jack and call Todd.
holy, are they empty...
You actually did it Toddy!
Adam is Spain behind the world like 2 months hehehehe
Well, Adam, it was in December and I haven't managed to do it again since, but yes I did get 315x5. Since then we've converted to kilos so that's umm..., let's see, carry the six and multiply by nine fifths... subtract thirty-two, umm... uhh... oh yeah, 143 kg, i.e. 2 reds, a green and a little yellow one :) Anyway, still building up to take another swipe at trying to meet and beat it. Hope Spain is a blast - drop us a message sometime to tell us all about it. Cheers!