The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes double unders and planks.
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Go Derek!
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Is that a pleat in your pants? Or was RJ squatting in front of you?
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WU x 2 and up to 5 strict chin-ups x 2 woo! Squats to 125 x 2, 135 was a fail. Got squat problems. Snatch to 75 x 3. WOD: 6 rounds of 2 min DU and 1 min plank : 561 DU and unbroken planks. Yeehaw was a fun one!
CFWU; Press to 50; WOD: 6 rounds of 2 min double unders (total = 84) & 1 min plank. Lots of proof of DU practice today. Ouch! Nice work 6am!
What the... Derek Weaver? Can't be :P
wu x 2

jerk grip OHS on box and rolling for mobility (shoulder feels better after all the rolling!)

WOD 6 rounds of
2 min max double unders
1 min plank

Got 80 double unders and all planks unbroken. Enjoyed the breezes coming off of Nicole's rope as she ripped through the doubles next to me. Good work!

I'm missing my pink toque (with a pompom on top). If you see one around there, it's mine and I'll grab it tomorrow. Thanks. Great work 7 a.m.!

Squats to 225# x 5

6 Rounds of
2 minutes double-unders
1 minute plank

Total DU: 395
First workout of 2014,
Squats to 115x5
6 Rounds of
2mins DU
1 min plank
182 DU and unbroken planks
Good to get back :)
Press vacation reset to (5r@85%) PM 125

6 rds
2 min double unders
1 min plank
631 DU, planks were somewhat less than unbroken. I do however have abs of steel right now.
BW166. 2PM: squat 405x1x5 (2 second pause at bottom), bench 315x1, stiff leg deadlift 495x3.
Deadliftsx1 to 255

2 min double unders
1 min plank
410 double unders/ all planks unbroken

Worked out with the 6ers tonight:). Great job folks!
Push Press to 73 x 3
6 rounds
2 min double unders
1 min Plank
Total 490 du's
Another sweaty one !!
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch. CFWUx1. Snatch 130x1 (easy). 135xF (BRAINFART). Then lost my mojo. Front Squat 172x1. 6 Rounds of: 2 minutes Double Unders + 1 minute Plank. 600 Double Unders and all planks unbroken.
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looks like you are in line to lift those weights next.
As a matter of fact, I was... :)