The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes squats and chinups.
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Wait a minute that's the same quote I took a picture in Dubai lol see you guys next week
Daily Squats
up to 315

CFWU x 1

Deadlift (reset) 5RM
190, 225, 260, 290, 330, 345

AMRAP in 3 minutes of:
Back squats 225lbs
AMRAP in 3 minutes of:
Chest to bar chinups
Score: 31 /32

Nice work 6am!
Daily squats to 335

Deadlifts to 325

AMRAP in 3 mins of:
Max rep back squat @ 225
AMRAP in 3 mins of:
Ring rows

32 + 31

Squats to 115

AMRAP in 3 mins of:
Max rep back squat @ 65
AMRAP in 3 mins of:

36+37 - rehabbing a sore shoulder so everything is a bit wonky.

Bench to 155# x 5

Hot Tub

That's it! BJJ tonight for some "light" conditioning :)
Daily Squat 315x1

Sotts Press

225# Back Squat
Total: 20+134

Good work 11amers!
WU x 1

Push press to 97: 55, 65, 75, 85, 92, 97.

AMRAP in 3 minutes: Back Squats (85lb)
AMRAP in 3 minutes: Chest to bar chin-ups

35/35. Or as Anthony would call it, "sandbagging." While I will say I set a goal and stuck to it (10 reps each minute for the first two, then 15 for the last minute), I have to agree with Coach that it was below my maximum effort and therefore qualifies as sandbagging. Today's results are duely noted in my book with an asterix. New goal is set at 45/45.
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch. CFWUx1. 1st Position Snatch 95x1. Clean & Jerk 135x1. Clean 155x1. AMRAP 3: Squat (155 pounds) + AMRAP 3: Chest to Bar Chinups. Score: 18 + 26. Weak Sauce Wednesday. Blah!
Daily squats to 315x1
Snatch to 100x3
Clean and jerk to 150x3
3 min AMRAP
Squats (225 lbs)
3 min AMRAP
C2B pullups
Took it too easy the first two minutes of squats.
Push Press to 75 x 5
AMRAP in 3 minutes of:
Back squats 75lbs
AMRAP in 3 minutes of:
Ring Rows
Score: 38/56
Good One!