The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes squats and double unders.
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My bum has gone from an exaggerated 3/10 to a solid...well, fill in the gap ladies...since I started the CFF squat program.
You can't. But let's not talk about your saggy butt Sabaen
Matt I was just thinking the other day that you've gone from pancake butt to tea biscuit. Impressive. And delicious.
Thanks a lot Tony, I just about spit my curry out reading that.
Thanks Jodi!
Matt when are you coming back to The Rock??!
Whenever the Viking Gods beckon me back Matt
Looks a lot like a kick ass West Coast girl rockin' the next best coast.
Daily Squats
365 x 1

CFWU x 1

Deadlift 5RM
205, 235, 275, 305, 340, 365

4 rounds of:
50 squats
50 Double Unders
Time: 7:28

Nice work 6am!
wu x 2

deadlifts to 155 x 5 (85% of pgm 180)

WOD 4 rounds of
50 squats
150 singles


Press to 54. Reset worked like a charm!

4 rounds of:
50 squats
150 single unders
Time: 13:05

Yah, so how about those calves? I could barely walk up my stairs after!
Squats to 365 x 1

50 squats
50 DUs (x 3 SUs)


That's a lot jumping for the ole flippers.
AM: Hot Tub/Stretch. Warmup. Power Clean 150x1. EMOM10: Power Clean 135x1. Front Squat 177x1. 4 Rounds of: 50 Squats + 50 Double Unders in 8:35.
9AM: squat 545x1, bench 315x1.
HEADS UP: the delivery truck is delayed because of weather so the switch to kilograms will not happen on Thursday as announced earlier. When the truck is back on the road I'll give an update on ETA.
That's the worst thing I've heard all day!
10 burpees, EMOM 15 clean and jerk 70#, WOD: 4 rounds 50 squats, 50 DU in 9:10. Then daily squats to 145 x 1. Attempted 150 but was a lil wobbly after the WOD ;) good job everyone!
Daily squats to 375x1
Snatch to 115x3
Clean and jerk to 165x3
90,105,125,140 stopped here, slight possibility the hspu and pullups earlier in the week did my shoulders in
4 rds
50 squats
50 double unders

Squats 200x5x3

HSPU and Ring dip practice

4 Rounds of hell
time: 12:48
Push Press to 79 x 3 felt good!
4 rounds of:
50 squats
50 Double Unders
Time: 9:56
Good work 6ers!