The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes snatch, burpees, and double unders.
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Nice bells....
No show for me I guess. Stuck in my driveway!:-(
I was nominated by Anthony Bainbridge to do 25 chinups. I will donate to the Goodlife kids foundation. In return, I nominate Jason Scheffler, Jason Stymiest and Olivier Caron-Cyr to do 26 chinups.

Daily Squats up to 160 x 1 (352lbs). Warmup 25 chinups. Cleans 125 x 1 x 3 *PR* for reps (275 lbs). Metcon: AMRAP in 8 minutes of: 2 snatch 45 (99lbs) + 5 burpees + 20 Double Unders. Score: 9 rounds

Nice work 6am!
Nice video bomb Julie Anne ;)
wu x 1.5

power cleans to 32/71 x 1,1,f (2 weeks ago, these were fine. will try again next week.)

5 Russian kbs (purple)
5 burpees
60 singles

5 rounds plus 10. Great photo Rob!
You know I used to think you were a nice guy Michel. :)
The only good part of me doing 26 consecutive pullups is that Olivier will be suffering more than I will be.
sorry for the no show this morning, not feeling well and forgot to cancel
Come on Sandy, admit it. You saw it was double unders again and said to heck with that and went back to bed.
20:00 Row @ easy pace, 10:00 bike @ easy pace
8 rds. (@ grinder pace):
8 pull-ups (strict)
16 plyo-pushups
24 situps
50m walking lunge
Deadlift x 5 to 130kg
AMRAP in 8 minutes of: 2 (really ugly) snatch 45 (99lbs) + 5 burpees + 20 Double Unders. Score: 6 rounds
Deadlift: 115
WOD: 4+2 (40)
26 unbroken pullups thanks to Mike :)
Daily squats to 150kg x1
Deadlifts to 197 kg x 5
Front squats to 109 kg x5

Stopped early on the daily squats as I didn't like the feel at 150