The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes wall ball and box jumps.
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Why did nobody tell me my hair is ginger. Seriously guys....
How could you not know Sarah is my question. :)
Sarah, I assumed all euros were ginger ...
Well I assumed all North American men were assholes. I assumed correct!
A small but strong group at yoga this morning. Thanks for showing up!
Power Clean x 1 to 95kg
"Nukes" (modified)
In 8 minutes:
1.5km run
Max deadlifts (140kg)
Next 10 minutes:
1.5km run
Max power clean (90kg)
Next 12 minutes
1.5 km run
Max front squat (60kg)
- 5:40/ 9, 6:10 / 5, 7:00ish?/ 28
Isn't it a mile every round?
Ha, yes. But google maps is telling me the back of the gym to queen st. to the bridge is only 750m. #stjohnrivermakesonlyjesusabletouseyourrunningpath
Ahhh... damn river.
Squat 140
75 x 1
90 x 1
105 x 1
120 x 1
130 x 1
140 x 1 (pr)
first attempt at 140 flew up fast..felt good

Ring rows
Push ups
Loving the comebacks by St. Louis! Hope the hawks are out in 4!!!!

Bench Press
97x5 PR weight and reps

10 rds untimed
2 pull-ups
5 pushups