The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running, power cleans, and handstand pushups.
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Looking Good!
Nice pic Tracy!
Hey Tracy! You were in Freddy? And you were at Crossfit!? Aren't they such awesome peeps :) can't find better coaches than Jodi, Tony and Randall! ;)
What the fuck Tracy, you're in town and didn't let me know......should I take that as a hint?
That's our girl!!! 💜
Lol I am working in Fredericton now for two years. I did a couple of drop ins and ever since have been trying to get away from the office but we have had so many working lunches it's been impossible to make a class. I'm going to try to make something work. Patty I love you! It's just been a crazy time.:)
Yoga. Weighted Strict Chinups 13/29x5. 3 Rounds of: 200m Run + 10 Power Cleans (40/88) + 10 Handstand Pushups in 9:31. 20 minutes of handstand walking practice...made a bit more progress today. WOOT! Squat 85/187x1. Feeling like a sloth today. lolol!
20 min EMOM snatch (40kg)
20 min EMOM split jerk (40kg)
OHS reset to 65kgx5
Got introduced to a wonderful thing called windshield wipers. Holy instant abdo.