The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running.
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I am a little concerned about the lack of comments on this picture... Did everybody bail on today's WOD?
Maybe they're still out running?
Lol...if that is the case I really need to find out!
Squats 126 x 5

A whole bunch of sprinting.
Squat to 40 (big plates yay!!)

800m 3.30
400m 1.30
400m 1.32
200m 0.46
200m 0.46
200m 0.42
Welcome to the big plates Megan!
Running intervals! Yay! I mean it: Yay!
Let's see if I remember anything from yesterday's awesome sprint training with Marie!
Front Squat to 72kg

800m 3:32
400m 1:32
400m 1:34
200m 0:41
200m 0:41
200m 0:39
Squat to 48kg
800m: 4:07
400m: 1:56
400m: 1:51
200m: 0:53
200m: 0:50
200m: 0:41

...quite a bit slower than Aug 20 and Sept 8. Ah well, tomorrow's a new day. :)
Clean (70%x3x3, 75%x2x2)
Jerk (BTN - 70%x3x3, 75%x2x2-supposed to pause 3s before recovering)
Squat (70%x2x5)
Snatch Deadlift (100%x5,105%x5x2)
105x5, 110x5x2
Squat to 84 kg
800/ 4:03 400/1:43, 1:49 200/ 0:46, 0:41, 0:38
5-6 p.m.:
Warm-up x 1
Squat to 61 x 5
Runs: 800/ 3:17, 400/ 1:26, 1:27 (Anthony: "You're getting slower"), 200/ 0:41, 0:40, 0:39. Marie! I remembered yesterday's lessons!

7-8 p.m.: Ultimate Frisbee in the farking cold. Just destroyed a plate of roast quarter chicken and roasted veggies. That was a lot of running today.