The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes double unders, deadlifts, and box jumps.
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Hello Rob! (Ashlee Pearson)
He totally wore that shirt cause he knew he'd use the 20's
Hello Rob!!

Deadlift to 116kg

AMRAP in 10
20 DU
10 Deadlift (70kg)
10 Box jumps (24")

5 Rounds even
Deadlift to 64

7 Rounds of (Cap 10min)
90 Singles
10 Deadlifts (35)
10 Box Jumps

Press to 30

7 Rounds of (Cap 10min)
60 Singles
10 Deadlifts (45)
10 Box steps
score : 5 + 66
OMG!!!!! My math was off @ noon :S 20 DU = 60 Singles NOT 90!! I could have saved myself a bit of work there......
Exactly... I was just wondering that...
Lesson learned: Must learn DUs to avoid math screw ups LOL
I was curious as to why you did 90. I figured you ticked off Jody and this was her reward.
Snatch to 56kgx3
Cleans to 82kgx3

As fun as it looked tonight, no workout as I'm saving for a deadlift PR tomorrow.
Nice pic of Rob Ashlee !
Deadlift to 63kg
7 Rounds (10 mins):
60 Single Unders
10 Deadlifts (35kg)
10 Box Jumps
Score: 5+65
Push Press to 37kg x 3 (last rep was not pretty - repeat next week)
7 Rounds
20 double unders
10 deadlifts (40kg)
10 box jumps (sub step ups)
time 9:43
good 6ers