The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes running, strict chinups, and russian kettlebell swings.
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No WOD comments? Is everyone still doing it?
Clean to 29 – not good, will repeat tomorrow

200m Run
5 Ring Rows
10 Russian KBS (Blue)


And I earned an upgrade to yellow for the RKBS :)
Isn't that the second upgrade this week Megan?
It is!!! And we did this WOD back on Aug 27 and I beat my old score (9+3 ring rows) :) It's been a good week @ CFF! You know, expect for those cleans today; they were ugly :S
SUMO 144kg X 5
PR for sumo style.

That is all ... in training all week. :(
Deadlifts to 212kgx5
120x3,140x3,160x3,180x3,200x3,212 PR for reps
I'm liking that three rep build up that Tony suggested last week.
3 rep build up does sound good
Clean to 29kg
200m run
5 Strict Chinups
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings (blue)
Score: 8 Rounds
Deadlift to 77kg x5
200m Run
5 jumping chin ups
10 Russian KBS (purple)
6 rds + run
Had a personal trainer tonight - thanks Heidi!
Friday – Oct. 3

Played around with yellow KB – Feels Good!

Clean to 30 – much better than yesterday

10 Rounds of
10 Wallballs (Orange! Done with blues )
60 Singles (that’s 20 DUs for those of you better @ multiplication than me ;) )

11.08 – That’s 1.07 faster than Aug 18th

So improvements for the week include: 3 weight upgrades (big plates for squats, yellow KB, and orange wallball) & 2 faster WODs

I think each one deserves a beer 3:)
Great job Megs!!
Nice Megan!!
Beer? Did someone mention beer?

Congratulations on the week Megan!
Great job Megan! :*