The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes twenty minutes of something you suck at.
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Heh, in all my time training at CF Fton that has to be the best metcon description I've ever seen.
Jesus. I suck at a lot of things. Gonna be interesting.
I was thinking the same thing Becky. Which of the many things I suck at, and there's a lot, do I do.
Gee...I suck at everything...
You might give credit on the quotation to HH.
Warm-up X 1

Snatch to 29

WOD: 20 min. of something I suck at:
EMOM 10: 3 thrusters (30)
EMOM10: 20 Double unders

Very productive day of getting less sucky at those things.
Arthur, the CMS we use to post website/facebook limits words so we opted not to post names. Certainly not implying we wrote it; with google at our finger tips it would be foolish to plagiarize. But to play devil's advocate, crediting quotes can be quite tricky, as they are often passed on as "wisdom" through generations and re-credited. For example, today's quote is often attributed to Dalai Lama.
Snatch (heavy single)
90x1, 92xF
CnJ (heavy single)
105x1, 110x1(no jerk)
Clean Deadlift (100%x5, 105%x5x2)
134x5, 141x5x2
Squat (70%x2x5)
Not the most terrible of training days.
Well the picture totally is an indication of what I suck at!
Cleans to 29kg
8ish Ring Dips
30ish Hanging Knee Raises
Snatch to 12 kg
AM: Hot Tub/Stretch. Warmup. Weighted Strict Chinups 18/40x5. 20 minutes of something I suck at: Lacross Ball/Foam Rolling/Voo Doo Band. Bench Press 61/135x5. Squat 111x245x1.
OHS to 74kgx5
SJ from the rack to 72kgx3