The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes double unders.
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Awesome week end!! Learned so much and had a blast! Thank you so much Jacob, Alex, Jodi, Anthony and Randall :D
Mostly Randall.
Thanks so much !Learned lots and had a great time .
Est ce que ç est toi la plus jeune.
Can't wait to start to implementing what we were taught this weekend....time for some LISS training this week :) Thank you so much, Jacob and Alex as well as Anthony and Jodi for having us.
Thx to Anthony and Jodi for hosting such a great seminar!! Learnt lots of great info!! awesome weekend with great coaches!! Thx again Jacob and Alex !
I ran 3k today. It was "great".
Haha!! I did 4 k on rower !! Never did that before. 😊
Thank you Anthony Bainbridge Jacob Tsypkin Alex Viada Jodi Bainbridge for an awesome seminar. A great learning experience for myself as a new coach and business owner!
Anyone catch the hockey game last night?
that's an awesome quote!!
Jason ... that was a game??
Bench 89kg x 5 (196#)

7 Rounds of
1min double unders .. sub singles
1min rest


legs are extra tight today after yesterdays fun...
1227 singles Jason? Maybe it's time you learned double unders?
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch. Warmup. Snatch 62/137x1. Squat 107/236x1. 7 Rounds: 1 min Double Unders + 1 min Rest. Score: 656. 30 minutes of medium intensity aquasize. ;)
I'm just starting to get good at singles...;) I'm with Sandy....wallball would had been better.
Press to 29
7 Rounds:
1 min Single Unders
1 min Rest
Score: 1026
Press (1r@95%) PM 60kg
7 rds
1 min double unders
1 min rest

Excellent score today Tasha.
Press to 29 - Failed on 5 rep

7 Rounds of
1min Singles
1min Rest

~10k run LSD - efficiency
There are apples on the ledge from Real Food Connections! Please help yourselves. :)
Good Mornings to 40 kg x 5
7 Rounds of
1min double unders .. sub Rowing
1min rest
1740 m