The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes deadlifts and burpees.
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I think I'm unhappy about burpees.
100, 120, 140, 160, 170, 180 x4 + 1 (396)

Deadlift 90 (198)
Time: 3:25

Nice work 6am!
Bench 76 x 5

21-15-9 of:
Deadlifts 90

Lung butter
Sandy..crushed it
Work has been crazy this week so I have been on a forced rest week from the gym. :(
Deadlift to 73 - F >:[

Deadlifts (44)

Squat x 3 to 133kg
Deadlift x 3 to 165kg
Core stuff
For those who were in early and may not know, Matt Eagles laid a beating on this one tonight and finished in 3:05
Crazy Matt!
What was your time Jason?
I got a DNS today Sandy. I was loading the bar for my third set of front squats and the lower right side of my back tightened up.
More squat therapy: 4 sets of 15 squats with 10kg
2000m Row - 9:22:1
Thursday/Active rest day/WU
Bench Program max to 62kgx3
Weighted Chinups to 19kgx5 x2 + 15kgx5x2
20 miniutes easy bike trainer

AM: 30 minutes Run 6/10 effort
PM: Hot tub/WU
Front squats + Split jerk (2+1) 2RM to 85kg x2 + 88 kg x2 front squats +F split Jerk
High pull Snatch + High hang Snatch (1+1)x5 [75% - 51kg]
2RM Cleans to 79x2, 81x1, and 80x (1 +1F )x5 (Default PR for single haha)
Jump squats to 122x2x5 [85%]
Played around with Strict press. Builded up to 45x3, 49x1 xF (PR for weight)
30 minutes easy bike trainer
SAT Noon
30 Double Unders
20 Russian swings 2 pood
10 strict chin-ups
4 Rounds:
30 Wall Balls
2 min rest
Time: 13:28

50 double unders for practice
Snatch 70%x2 [48kg], 75%x2 [51kg], 85%x1 [58kg] HS 90% x2x2 [53kg]
Clean & Jerk 70% (2+1) [62kg], 75% (2+1) [66kg], 80%x1 [71kg] 85%x1 [75kg] HS 90% (2+1)x2 [68kg] These felt easy and solid today!
Deadlift Program max to 145kg x5RM [PR] Slowly creeping up to my goal :)
Back Squats 83% x4 [119kg], 88%x1 [126kg], 83%x4 [119kg], 91%x1 [130kg], 83%x4 [119kg], 91%x1 [133kg]
Fun day :)
Sat: Front Squat to 32, Press to 25, & Mobility

Sun @ CFSJ (lbs):

2 Rounds of
200m Row
9 KBS (35)
2 Rounds of
9 Thrusters (55)
9 Burpees


5min Rest

5 Rounds of
5 OHS (35)
10 Box Jumps