The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work includes double unders, squats, and mountain climbers.
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Hotel / Gym has no power at 6am ... sorry folks! Should be fine by noon but will update on here.
Boo!! I'm already at work. Roads were super fun
No power? What's the point of that big generator they have?
Power is back on. We're good to go for noon. :)
Tashas game face is on I see.
Talk about matching!
PM: WU - Bench (program max, 95%x1R of 68) to 65x1x5
Front Squats + Split Jerk (1+1)x5 [62kg]
Snatch High Pull + hang snatch [51kg] x2x5
Power Snatch [50kg] x1x5
Back squats to [140kg] x1
Weighted Chest to bar Chin ups to [20kg] x5x3 + [15kg] x5x3
Tabata Bike Trainer + 26 minutes 5/10 effort
Fun Snow day :) Light week almost over!! Yayayaya
Clean to 34
20 Double Unders
20 Squats
20 Mountain Climbers
Score: 9
Deadlift to 73
20 DUs
20 Squats (ouch)
20 Mountain Climbers

2nd position Snatch to 30kg...was not pretty :s

AMRAP in 20 mins of:
20 Russian KBS (yellow)
20 squats
20 mountain climbers
11 rounds + 31

Needed that sweatfest!
Power clean to 65kgx2xfx1

AMRAP 20min
20 DU
20 squats
20 mountain climbers
Deadlift to 78kg x 5
20 min AMRAP
20 double unders
20 squats
20 mountain climbers
15 rounds +13
long & sweaty = good work out!