The workouts at our gym always include warm up, strength, conditioning, and mobility. Everything is customized to your level by a professional strength coach. Today's conditioning work is a workout you missed during the week or 20 minutes of something you suck at.
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Love it! Go Karly !
That's so hard core Karly Hayward
@ CFSJ: As a Team of 3 with MJ & Scott
6,000m Row
5 Pushups
10 Squats
15 Situps

25.15 + 26 Rounds
20 DU
20 Squat
20 Mountain climber
60 ring rows
60 pushups
Time: 12:40

Double under practice....managed to get 5 in a row for the first time, woohoo!
Warm-up x 2
Front Squats to 56x3 = PR for reps
Bench press to 30 x 5
30 minute easy run.
Snatch up to 85% x1 [58kg]
Clean & Split Jerk to 85% x1 [75kg]
Back Squat 80x1, 95x1, 110x1, 125x1, 135x1, 140x1, 144x1 (not below parallel so did it again!) + x1 PR I'm coming for you 150kg!
Deadlift to 153x2 +153x2 ( was going for a triple but couldn't lock the 3rd rep ) [PR ?]
Fun day!
BW = 52.0kg (114.5#)
AM: Hot Tub/Stretch. Weighted Strict Chinups 26kg/57# x 5. PR for reps and 50% bodyweight. :D Bench Press 67kg/148# x 3. Squat 100kg/220# x 3.

3000m Row at conversation pace row in 14:23.2.
SUN Noon
Speed bench 8x3 @ 135lbs.
Press x 5 to 120lbs.
Pullups x 3 (18,9,8)
T-bar row 4x6
JM press 3x6
Sunday @ CFSJ (lbs)
Front Squat to 90
Press to 65 – Only got 4 on my last set