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Omg hahahahah! Goofiest face ever!
HAHAHHAHA love this
Doesn't she have the cutest smile? ;)
Deadlift 3RM
85, 100, 115, 130, 140, 150

2.5 km run
Time: 12:08

Nice work 6am!
Group warm-up
Deadlift 3R to 32kg

2.5 km walk (knee won't let me run yet)
Time: 24:53
Warmup/DU Practice

Sumo 3RM 85 PR

These still felt "relatively light" compared to where I was back in January before the reset. I couldn't do group today because of meetings and DU practice sucked so I needed a pick me up... 85 is so close to my goal of 91 too so...

91x1 PR

Feel much better now :D

That's the 4th and final goal crossed off my list from Jan. 1st. Time to come up with some new ones!

Deadlift 5RM
70, 85, 95, 105, 115, 124

Handstand progression - warmup, strength, mobility

Squat (playing around with doubles)
90 x 2
100 x 2
110 x 2
115 x 2
120 x 2 ** birthday PR!

Time for a beer.
Warm up
Dead lift 3RM 69 kg :)

2.5k run (across bridge and back) 13:28 mins 🙌
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch. Warmup.
Deadlift 172kg/380# x1.
Front Squat 88kg/195# x1.
Bench Press 54kg/120# x5.

2.5km Run in 12:38 (PR by 2 seconds). HOLY CRAP! Didn't see that coming, especially considering all the lifting right beforehand and that I still have a touch of this cold. I'm PUMPED! :D
Warm up
DL 3RM 85 kg - super heavy. Omg.

2.5k run - 14:24 mins

Thanks for being my running buddy Patrick! I agree - the bridge was longer on the way back :)
I just realized that my DL IS A PR!!! My heaviest back in the day was 185lbs. Yahoo! Super pumped :) :) :)
20km ruck march ( 55# ruck)

Body feels great but feet never healed from the 14km March last week. Feet tore up around 4kms and it was a gut check from there on.
Deadlift x 3 to 70

2.5 km run
Time: 14:52
Is that you Claire?? lol (lots of love!)