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Deadlift 5RM
90, 105, 120, 135, 150, 160/352

5 rounds of
20 wallball (20)
30 Double unders
Time: 5:54

Nice work 6am!

Sumo 5RM 77 PR for Sumo

5 Rounds of
20 Wallballs (14)
30 DUs


I think yesterday's cleans really played me out - today I felt tired and slow. Rushed the deadlifts @ the end, need to focus on resetting and taking a little more time to get them right. Next week I'm battling my reset number 79 - can't wait to smash it :D
Deadlift 5 RM
15, 20, 25, 28, 31, 34 PR

5 Rounds
20 Wallballs (4)
90 SU's
Time 10:19
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch. Warmup.
Deadlift 173kg/382# x1.
Front Squat 86kg/191# x1.
Bench Press 56kg/124# x5.

5 Rounds:
20 WallBall, 14 pounds
30 Double Unders
Time: 8:09

That hurt. That long ass cold I had sure took it's toll on my conditioning. :( Maybe I'll only lift heavy stuff from now on. :D
Front squat
Build to 325x1,1,1
Had more in the tank but held back.

Amrap in 25 mins of:
200m run w/ 15# weight
2 ground to overhead 155#
9 pull-ups
16 overhead lunges 35#
23 sit-ups

Been sick or in the field for two weeks so this was pretty rough. Should of been deep into 7 rounds.
DL to 79kg

5 Rounds:
20 WallBall, 10/14 pounds
30 Double Unders
Time: 10:11

Did the first 2 rounds with the 10lb caught and switched to the 14. I am never allowed to touch the 10 again :(

That was so hard!!!!
Deadlift 5R to 69

5 Rounds:
20 Wall Balls (14)
30 Mountain Climbers

Time: 9:14