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Squats 5x5 to 11 kg

5 Rounds (Team with Chelsey)
10 Push press (7kg)
90 SU's
Time 9:18
Great work partner! :)
And great work 6:00 am! (had to add that since Mike wasn't there to say it for us). ;)


Squat 5RM
65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 112 *PR
Squats 5x5 to 60kg - this was really hard. I think the 60kg was mocking me.

5 rounds
10 push press (25kg)
30 du's
Time - 10:55

Great work partner Megan!!
Squats 5x5 to 60kg

5 Rounds:
10 Push Press (25)
30 Doubles

Time: 7:24. Awesome work Becky!!
DU Practice & Chinup Practice - It's been a while since I have worked on my chinups so they were a little ugly tonight :S

Warmup/Warmup Squats
Squat 50x5x5

5 Rounds as a Team with Melissa Stewart-Fleming :)
10 Pushpress (25)
30 DUs

10.55 - This was a hard one on the shoulders, had to go DU/SU

<3 the team WODs! Good work Melissa!
Squats to 5x50kgx5

5 rounds (team with Claire):
10 push press (25)
30 Double unders
Score: 7:24.

Fun night!
Thanks Claire! It was fun teaming up.