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Warm up Burpees, Step ups and TGU's.... Snatch Drills...20 min EMOM snatch x2 adding weight each time. Substituted snatches for cleans after 2 minutes. Stupid shoulder! As an ode to Mike.... Nice work 6am! ;)
Drills - I feel like these are choppy - may be over thinking things.

Snatch build to 1RM
Built to 28kg

Great work partner Megan!
Snatch Drills - one note about these. They have been such a huge help - a few months ago I struggled to snatch the 20kg bar but just practicing the technique has brought me up almost double the weight since then. Pretty cool!

Snatch 1RM - built to 38 (PR - but needs some tidying up!)
5km run in the morning

Squat build to 180kg x 1,1,1

Build to 90kg

7 rounds of
1 P.clean 70kg
2 paused split jerks 70kg
8 strict ring dips
Wasn't for conditioning, just trying to get some work in. Averaged a round every minute and a half.