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400m run
Max step ups
Score - 348
Awesome work Sheri!! I think I got out score wrong on the board... Oops!

300 du's - 6:37

Rope climbs - so fun.

Great day!
There are a bunch of shoes, clothes, and even a couple of skipping ropes in the bucket by the door. Please take them if they are yours. Everything in the bucket will be going to GoodWill on Wednesday. :D
Your one tough cookie!!!!
Sounds to painful for this old girl !! 👵😆😆
Same here Elizabeth!!!!
AMRAP 15 (as a team):
50 squats
Max step ups
Score: 311

2 Km Row
Time: 9:19.6

2 Rope Climbs

Squat 5RM
65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 114 **PR!

Felt awful but a PR is a PR :)
5 Rounds of Cindy - 7.48 - felt better today but time was a little slower

Practice work: Getups, RKBS, KBS @ 20 + Wallballs @ 20 + K2C, K2E, T2B + Pullups


400m Run
Max Stepups

142 - paced my stepups off Kim L McKinley - Thank you :)

300 DUs - 11.09

Rope Climb x3
Great job on the DU's Megan! And keeping me on pace with the running :)
Build to 110kg x5

EMOM for 10 min of:
5 strict HSPU
Total 50 reps

EMOM for 10 min of:
15 DU's
5 strict ring dips
Total 150/50

EMOM for 10 min of:
7 ring rows
7 push-ups
Total 70/70

Hardest part was ring rows.