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Squats 5RM
85, 100, 115, 130, 140, 147/323

EMOM 15 minutes
Add weight each round
40 to 83/183

Nice work 6am!
Squat 5RM
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 PR

Snatch - add weight each round
5 to 12
First time doing snatch since my foundation. A little awkward, but felt not too bad :)

Squat 5RM 60 - Failed on 5th set 55x4!!!! I think I was just over thinking keeping the weight in the heels but seriously - OMG WTF >:[ Recovered for 6th set 55x5 - Just one of those days I guess

EMOM15 Team up with Melissa Stewart-Fleming (we make an awesome team!)

Started @ 18 and finished @ 29 (ties PR). Snatches were the smoothest they've been in the past couple of weeks. Probably because I had lot's of pissed off energy after the squats - at least some good came out of it ;)

I did attempt 30 twice. The 1st attempt I snatched it about eye level then thru force of will pressed it out overheard; would have been a PR but the Judge ruled no rep. 2nd attempt was a straight fail (must have spent all the PO energy on the 1st one LOL)

Deadlift 5RM
70, 85, 100, 110, 120, 130

7 Rounds:
400m run (in the hail! WTF Fredericton! It is May)
15 burpees
10 ring rows

Squats to 70kg

1 Snatch

Way to go team-mate Megan McGuire!

Have a great weekend everyone :)
PM: Hot Tub/Stretch. Warmup.
Deadlift 174kg/385# x1. Matches PR.
Front Squat 87kg/193# x1.
Bench Press 59kg/131# x5.

800m Run
30 Step-Ups, 20"
400m Run
20 Step-Ups, 20"
200m Run
10 Step-Ups, 20"
Time: 9:30ish....forgot to write it down...oops.
Runs felt better today. YAY!
Squat 5R to 70 (2/5, argh!)

EMOM15 Snatch to 38 (ties PR, but a bit smoother than last time)
Workout #2 - on base!

1k run
30 ground to overhead - 65lbs
30 chin ups
60 lunges - 25lbs
60 kbs - 16kg
1k run

Time - 26:45

Off to bed now!! Haha
Build to 365x3

1000m run
30 clean and jerk 135#
30 chest to bar pullups
60 overhead lunges 45#
60 Kb swings 25Kg
1000m run

Midline destruction...
Dylan - no buddy. Strength work followed by the timed conditioning workout. TC man
Build to 385x2

Build to 475x4 (grip slipped on 4th so let the 5th go.)

Rows and curls
Played around with weights on base. Rowed a bit. Did a little WOD:

5 rounds
10 burpees
10 wall balls 12#

Funny: when I first wrote burpees it autocorrected to burgers. Hahahah! Burgers for time!!! :)

Press 1RM - matched PR @42, attempted 43 twice but failed. ah well!

Weighted Pushups
2 sets of 10 with 5kg
2 sets of 10 with 10kg

100 Hanging Knee Raises in ~5 mins
If anyone's interested 60 Minutes is doing a story on Crossfit and Greg Glassman tonight. The episode is on now.