CrossFit Fredericton offers customized strength and conditioning coaching for all levels of fitness. The owners are national champions who have been coaching for almost three decades. We were one of the first CrossFit gyms in the world and have been CrossFit Games Competition Directors for the past six years. Please book an appointment to learn more.
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I always thought Anthony was some sort of gentleman, but here he is, standing over this poor girl who has fallen, and not offering to help her get up ... :-p
Tough love!

1RM - snatch - 30kg
1RM - clean and jerk - 38kg

Great watching the sunrise at the gym this morning ;)
Snatch 1RM 38 (matches PR)
Clean and Jerk 1RM 44 (PR)
6km Run - Untimed

Messed around with box pushups but really there's no easy way to make this easier. Sticking to the floor.

Pushups UB x6x2
HKR x10x2
K2E x5x2
T2B x5x2
Pullups x1x2

Snatch Drills
Snatch 1RM to 30*PR

C&J Drills
C&J 1RM to 43 (Ties PR) Failed @ 44x3